You Get What You Pay Important Shoe Lesson

I'm not a shopper.  I'm a browser.  I like sale racks.  I need to contemplate things before I can purchase them, or on the occasion that I actually purchase them, I bring them home with full intentions of being able to take them back after having time with them.  One of two things usually happens:  I either buy a lot of cheap stuff or I splurge and am instantly and then constantly reminded that you get what you pay for! 

I've learned that cheap t-shirts are fine.  Cheap napkins are too, unless they're cloth in which case it totally doesn't pay to bring the cheap ones home at all.  I'm a little snobby when it comes to vanilla and salt and olive oil for cooking, and I prefer salon shampoo, but can definitely handle it if it's not.  I love a bargain, and sometimes can't pass a good one up even if I don't really need it.  I have a couple of pretty nice matching bedding sets just in case someday my kids actually have rooms that are coordinated and decorated because they were dirt cheap.  I don't skimp on paint, but I almost always buy store brand pain reliever/fever reducers.  I guess it just depends...sometimes on what it is and sometimes on the day.

My wardrobe isn't anything to write home about.  I've envied my sister's closet for years.  She's always had the good stuff...and not just the clothes.  I used to think she was crazy to buy such nice stuff, but 15 years later, she still has it, and it hasn't fallen apart!  Sometimes I don't feel like I can justify buying the "good stuff" because, let's face it, I have a house full of "bulls in the china cupboard".  It's just gonna get broken sooner or later!  I'm learning though...shovels?  Buy the best one, not just the "good" or "better" one.  If we can't afford the "best" one, we should just wait because by the time we've gone through three "good" ones in six months, we could just kick ourselves and we've spent twice as much money anyway.

Shoes.  I've always believed that you should put good shoes on your feet.  Being a physical therapist only confirms that idea, because that's where it all your feet.  It's taken me years to practice what I preach here.  It seems so stupid to spend so much money on shoes that you're only going to wear a couple of times.  You know, the cute high heels that you walk out the door in and by the time you get to the car, they come off because they're soooo uncomfortable? 

Several years ago I discovered Keens.  PERFECTION.  Everyone should have a couple pair of those I decided, and low and behold, I discovered that I could find Keens for almost every season.  They're right up my alley too, because I really like that outdoorsy, athletic look anyway.  I quickly took a liking to one pair of flip flops in particular that I wear every day in the summer, much the same way that I wore nicer flip flops for dressier occasions.  (I had two in black and one in brown).  Three pair of shoes that served me well for the last four summers.  Pathetic, I know!  In the winter, I have a pair of Keens and two pair of boots--a black pair and a brown pair.  And then of course the running shoes that are worn until the next pair is needed.  So, all in all, my shoe wardrobe is pretty minimal.  I do have the random strappy silver heel or cute little pair of peeps, but they are definitely the ones that stay on my feet only as long as they have to.  This summer all of my three pair of beloved flip flops were put to rest.  :(  I was thrilled though when I found my new favorite dressy/casual shoe.  Jambu, formerly J-41.  LOVE these shoes.  They're black, cute and deceptively comfortable.  They're called "athletic wedges".  I immediately was convinced that I needed to have a pair in brown too, and while they're equally as cute, they're not quite as comfortable because the back strap always slides down.  There is a pair of cream colored ones that I have my eye on and I've even found some for the colder months, but those didn't make the "necessary" list just yet.  And for the replacement of those Keens that have left evidence of summer on my feet in the form of a "V" tan line, I've found a pair of Chacos that I hope I discover the same passion for. 
My Chaco addition

My 2nd pair of Jambu (J-41) Lyon Wedge
My Jambu wish list shoes
My 1st Jambu shoe...the Camden Wedge

I know it's a little ridiculous to dedicate a whole post to shoes, but they are definitely something that I've learned NOT to skimp on.  (Which is why there are a total of about 7 pair of shoes in my closet)  If I could afford it, I would likely have at least five or so pair of each style in a different color.  I wish my kids' feet didn't grow so fast, although I'm quickly discovering that they too can manage with just a few pair in their closets, and really, I don't see the end of hand-me-downs happening anytime soon.  Lucky Amelia...she gets to benefit from this rocket science of equipping our most important feet with good shoes the most.  She has an entire Rubbermaid tote (the big one) of shoes to choose from, but she'll likely never wear any of them and have one pair of shoes for warm weather and another for cold instead.  I'm sure that entire tote could have been avoided if I would have bought Mathilda a couple of pair of good shoes to start with.   Although I've already found a "2 for 1" sale that I couldn't resist for the upcoming fall and winter. 
Mill's current summer shoes

Amelia's fall finds...on clearance...I couldn't pass them up!  Funny how I can find little bits of joy in something like a shoe.  :)