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Christmas 2017

There is nothing like getting ready for Christmas to remind one just how fast a year has passed.  It truly seems like only months ago that I finally packed up all of the decorations from last Christmas.  That's probably because it really was!

 Our annual tree hunting trip to Alvo.  Every year they cover a little more of this sign!

 Everyone checks out the trees, finds their favorite and takes a picture beside it.  All of the kids joined Esther!  Without prompting, she sat down beside the littlest tree--you'd miss it if you didn't know it was there!
 ^^Never gets old!^^      

 The tree that we picked is the one behind us.  It is ridiculously huge, but Tim has been eyeing it for years.  (In the end we brought home a slightly smaller but still humongous one and put it up in the pool room.)  I'm not convinced that is the right room for a tree, but I'm sure if we do it a few more times, it will become the new normal.
 It was lovely to have sunshine and warmth to tre…

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