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Joseph at Ten

Hey Joe!  Double Digits the sixth time around in our house and it doesn't seem but a couple of years ago that we were waiting for you to arrive.  For whatever reason we were convinced that you were going to be a big boy because by the time you were due an ultrasound indicated you would be over 10 pounds.  A week later we finally lost our patience and chose to induce rather than wait another day and risk having an 11 pound baby and when you finally decided to come, you were a whopping 7 pounds, 3 ounces.  No where near 11 pounds!!!  

You have the biggest eyes and now we call your littlest sister Joe with a bow because of how much she looks like you!
I'm not sure the best adjectives to describe you...tenacious.  You are a pure go-getter, a competitor, and a teddy bear, loving on your younger siblings.
Ten years old.  Fourth grade.  100 pounds.  Size 8 shoe.  Size 12 clothes.  5 feet tall.  
Extra company to wake you up and sing happy birthday to you and bring you breakfast in b…

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