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Teenager #5

Five teenagers...only four live here right now, but I have five teenage children!  This particular one commented the other day on a couple that we know that has a 10 year age gap between husband and wife and he thought that was just so crazy.  We explained that it is weird when the husband was 18 and the wife was only 8 but as adults we reach a point where we all kind of fall into a category of adults.  When I used the example of having friends that are 15 years my junior but they are wives and mothers so the age gap isn't as evident because of our common denominators and so it doesn't seem weird to be friends with someone who was potty training when I was graduating from high school.  His comment to this was that it isn't weird because I don't really seem old.  Hmm...yep!  He's my favorite.  (Just kidding--I don't have favorites--just for the record!)
 It has been quite the year of growth for you...I'm not entirely sure of the exact gains, but I can tell y…

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