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If I don't get this done, then I will be posting about two birthdays at once...for the same kid!  The kid that is perhaps historically the most excited one when it comes to having a birthday.  We are a family that is all about tradition, but somehow Ben has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to birthday parties.  (We started with a Kindergarten, 5th grade and jr. high standard, and he has not gotten any of those!)  There are quite a few factors to consider:  1.  It is hard not to be naughty sometimes and as a result of being naughty the day before a birthday party, the party gets taken away.  (Ben is not alone in this category.)  2.  March is right in the thick of tax season, and I'm afraid that may make me a bit weary and make hosting a birthday party seem overwhelming.  3.  Sometimes being the 5th child isn't advantageous for this mama to express her creative birthday juices and execute something that resembles a party  4.  It is almost always Lent which cau…

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