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The Boring Birthday

Its the boring birthday because when she turned 13, she became a teenager.  When she turns 15 and 16, she gets to start driving and get her license.  I guess 17 will be another boring birthday.  Fourteen is just another year older!

None-the-less, it's a birthday, and even if it is a "boring" one, we celebrate HER! Tim is the photographer in this photo, Esther is still sleeping and Jakob doesn't live here anymore.  :(  Mattie isn't a morning person.  We've discussed this with her on those early mornings that we are driving her somewhere for a swim meet or to babysit...she would most definitely choose late night over early morning any day of the week...she is her father's daughter for sure!
 Coffee is important when you're 14.  Or should I clarify...cream with coffee in it!

 The request was for a red velvet bundt cake...she made this request 364 days ago!
 Mattie:  In this 14th year, you've swam for GNST, played volleyball and basketball on your j…

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