Run Run as Fast as You Can

My day started with a 10K.  I love running...well, I think I've said it before...I love sweating, exercising, feeling like I accomplished something, and doing it with friends...right now, that is running.  :)  This morning several of us joined efforts to form three teams to runin the Havelock Charity Run to benefit Catholic Social Services.  It was fun.  Kristi, Kimberly and I ran together for th 6.2 miles and crossed the finish line together.  We ran it in just under 59 minutes, although our official time was 59:17.  I think I'll stick with my watch time since it was a gun start and we were somewhere in the middle of the pack, not crossing the starting line for a good 20-25 seconds.  It makes me feel better anyway.  Not that the time matters, because we were just happy to run with each other for such a great cause.  ( I wish I could figure out how to lug a camera with me to these would be wonderful to have pictures!)

I returned home to grab a quick shower, pack up little people and head to Joshua's baseball game for exactly one inning.  They were ahead 3-0 when we loaded up again to head to Seward for Cornhusker State Games track and field.  Jonathan was competing in three events.  Actually, all three boys were signed up to compete, but Jakob scratched due to his broken arm and Joshua opted to stay and play baseball because the team would've been short without him.  I really do enjoy watching my children compete.  It is exhillerating to cheer them on. 

I didn't get to see Jon long jump, but he got the bronze medal in his division.  (Grandma and Grandpa A made sure he was there and ready to compete since the meet was in Seward...thank goodness for them!)  We made it to watch him run the 100 and the 200.  He was 9th in the 100, so he missed qualifying for the finals by one place--and 1/100 of a second!  The 200 was exciting to watch.  He was 2nd in his heat, but place 4th overall...again, 2/10 of a second from getting third place and a medal!  He was the youngest competitor in these three events, so he is very optomistic for next year.  He likes to run...and he does it well! 

It was a good day for the Andreasen competitors.