Out of the Mouth

...the Word was God...and the Word was made flesh...--John 1

Yesterday, two very nice young women rang our doorbell.  They were Jehovah's Witnesses.  Whenever the doorbell rings here, everyone drops what they are doing to run to the door and see who may be wanting to visit with us.  It's quite an event.  As all of the children stood in the doorway with me, in direct view of the two women, and statues of St. Francis and the Holy Family, the women proceeded to open a bible and ask if we knew another name for God?

"God has many names",  I replied.  "Right here in Psalms, it says that His name is Jehovah."  I nodded, agreeing that it does and I am aware.  She then took out another book and announced that it contained information about what the bible teaches.  "Can I give this book to you to read?"  "If you would be so kind as to keep it and pass it on to someone else, that would be wonderful.  Thank you, but no." 

I wished I could have invited them in and challenged them like in the stories I hear...especially from Fr. Kubat!  I could tell them what WE believe and challenge them.  Maybe I could convert THEM.  Not today...I have difficulty staying focused when it's quiet, much less when all the kids are lurking and I am in defense mode!  Someday...someday!

When they graciously walked away from our front door, Jakob said, "Mom, you should have said, 'Yes, we call Him Jesus.'"  Next time, I think I WILL invite them in and let Jakob sit down with them...perhaps all of my children could help shed some light on the new testament for them.  :)