Happy Father's Day Dad

Happy Father's Day to my Dad.  I'm not sure if Father's Day came before or after my birthday the year I was born.  I guess I could Google it.  Regardless, my Pop has been a Dad for 38 years.  I think it's fun when he gets to call me one day and the very next I get to call him with celebration wishes. 

In my 12 years of being a mom, I think I've developed a better understanding of my dad.  Sounds crazy I'm sure.  It's probably more just me as a parent understanding him as a parent.  I think I'm a lot like my dad.  I know I'm just as stubborn as he is...my poor kids...they don't stand a chance!  I remember my dad always saying to us, "When you're a dad, you can do that too."  I think it's funny that I have five little people I can say that too.  It took me a while to figure out just how impossible that would be. 

I guess I could really consider myself always having been "Daddy's girl".  I'm pretty sure I rode in a tractor and probably a combine, and on a horse LONG before I ever carried a purse, painted my nails or probably even had long hair.  I have lots of memories of being right beside my dad...helping...maybe just keeping him company. 

He showed me how to dig worms and fish.

He played with us and wrestled with us
He carved pumpkins with us (and then picked out the good candy after trick-or-treating)

He's always made sure I am well prepared, whether it was saddling a horse, prepping a steer for showmanship, knowing how to change a tire, learning how to shoot hoops, wire an outlet, solder a copper pipe, close a gate properly, throw hay bales...my dad was always teaching me something.  I see him do the same thing with my kids--AND my husband!  You can just see the happiness on his face when he's providing a lesson.  He loves to give of himself, whether it is offering what he knows, or what he can do.  When you hear the phrase "he'd give you the shirt off his back", it is about my dad.  He gives of his excess, but also of his own.  I've honestly never met a man with a bigger heart...must be where I get my inability to say "no" when someone asks for help.  :)  My dad always made stoganoff dinner for our entire team before big games.  He drove the bus for our team to out of town games so that he could go and watch me play.  He and my mom traveled to watch me play in college...and he made sure I had opportunities before college to continue to develop my skills at multiple camps and tournaments.  He had as much fun as I did at the county fair...maybe even more.  He got to share something that made him happy--that his dad did with him--with me.  I love doing that with my kids!

Teaching all the boys how to brand calves.

Hay harvest 2009.  Dad cut the tip of his finger off so Tim and Josh helped him through part of harvest.

His response to Tim asking if he could marry me was, "Do you like her?"  Tim replied, "I love her."  He said, "That's not what I asked...do you like her?"  Just making sure Tim was prepared too--and looking out for me at the same time.  :)

My "ugly" wedding gown the day I "discovered" it.  I was excited to show my dad, and while he didn't say much, at least he smiled!

I get a kick out of seeing emotion and affection from him toward my kids.  He was always this "matter-of-fact" kind of dad who was probably more comfortable with a handshake than a hug.  He doesn't pass on hugs any more, and in fact, those little people sucker him into quite a few kisses too!   

My dad is an incredibly admirable man.  I am proud that he is my dad.  He drives me crazy with his comments about what we should do...crazy in a good way.  It used to irritate me...now I quite enjoy it, because I see in his comments his genuine desire for us to experience happiness and success in something that he knows well.  He is always wanting the best for us all.  Tim loves the time he spends with my dad...to the point where he often comments about his desire to move back to Scottsbluff and help my dad with his hay farming and cattle.  I'm glad my husband loves my father!

My dad is also truly a man of God.  I watch him diligently read God's word.  He is wise.  I remember being frustrated with deciphering a homily, and my dad simply said, "This is what he said..."  It made perfect sense!  How does he do that??

Thanks dad...for being a wonderful role model!  I love you!!  I hope I can be as good a mom as you are a dad!