Every day is blogworthy

I feel like I look at the world a little differently because of blogger, or at least our days.  I'm inspired by the blogs that I read to enjoy things, record them, photograph them, and many times copy the very ideas that are shared for our own pleasure!  I'm motivated to capture unusual photos of things that I take for granted that I can see regularly.  I want those things to be preserved so that my children can vividly remember how I enjoy those sights.  Maybe blogger has caused us to do some things that we may not normally do, just so I can blog about it!

This morning we went to 6:30 mass as a family.  Joshua has been serving all week, so Tim or I would have been there anyway, and this morning, Tim's truck is in the shop, meaning that I had to take him to work.  We figured as long as three of us were going, we may as well all go.  I think that if we lived closer, we would make it a habit to attend daily mass.  I guess that's easy to say, especially since we don't live closer.  It is desired though.  (attending mass, and, sometimes living closer)  What a great way to start the day.  Considering we had to be out the door at 5:50, I think we did pretty good.  It was almost easier than Sunday mornings!  Hmmm..I'll have to evaluate that one a little more!

We used to go out to eat after mass every weekend.  That has slowed down considerably...almost to a standstill.  At 7:30 in the morning though, after having been up for almost 2 1/2 hours, it seemed reasonable to indulge in such a treat.  Tim needed to be to work, so the rest of us pondered where to go.  Everyone was hungry.  LaMars was the overwhelming choice, but I used my power to veto it because of the roll that already exists around my middle.  Village Inn didn't make the cut either, because that just seemed like a lot more than I orignially anticipated in terms of amount of food and cost.  We ended up at Starbucks downtown.  Somehow low fat coffee cake seems better than a frosted, filled roll.  Probably not, but I feel better about it. 

Starbucks is very interesting to me.  The number of people who are there is always amazing.  I've never been at a Bux location without waiting in line for a $4 cup of coffee.  Some people must spend upwards of $100 a month just at Starbucks!  I'd be a hypocrit if I criticized the idea of going there regularly.  Now, MY "regularly" is probably 2-3 times a month, and that's probably more than I should be there anyway.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the environment of a coffee establishment. 

I looked at it differently today.  Today's crowd wasn't the afternoon or evening loungers, rather that "on-my-way-to-work", "hurry-up-I'm-already-late" regulars.  The "four-pump, no-whip, double-shot" ones that didn't necessarily appreciate waiting behind an order for eight, or stepping around a small child standing in their bee-line to the door while their hands were full of theirs and their co-workers coffees and bag of pastries dangling from their teeth.  I have to say, I didn't feel all comfy and cozy and relaxed there this morning as we sat at our big table, trying not to be too disturbing to others.  Crazy thing is, in my opinion, we weren't disturbing at all--rather picture perfect...but I didn't feel comfortable even taking pictures of it all, for fear I would get in someone's way or delay someone.   I caught a couple of shots while we were gathering things up to leave.

Last nights summer haircuts revealed!

Once outside, we were a little more free of the perceived restrictions, but everyone was ready to load up.  Looking at the storefront, I felt so compelled to try to take a few pictures of the kids' reflections in the windows, but they were already buckled.  It was a disappointment on top of feeling like our enthusiasm had been squelched by uptight suits and ties.  "Want to get back out and take some pictures?" I sheepishly asked.  "We're already buckled mom", was their chorus, which is amazing, because usually it takes a good 5 minutes of prodding to get that accomplished.  "Just a few?", I pleaded.  Everyone eagerly piled back out and stood in front of the windows of the store becoming more and more amused by their sillyness being reflected.  They're getting pretty good at just getting themselves arranged for pictures...they know the drill.  I'm glad.  Sometimes I feel really self-conscious about dragging my camera everywhere, but then as I watch the images pop up on my computer, I'm glad I did, and so are they.  We had fun snapping away, oblivious to the reactions of those who passed by.  "Who cares", I thought.  "We're not bothering you, and if we are that's your problem...you're not going to inhibit our fun", I said silently, more to myself than to anyone else.

As I stepped back to take a picture, a gentleman stopped, eventually saw me and said, "I'm a photographer and that is a picture that needs to be taken...I didn't see you there initially.  I'm glad you have a camera in your hand."  I smiled as he walked away.  (Would have loved to have him take the shots, as I'm sure they would've been much better, but eventually, I'll get it figured out!)  The next gentleman to walk by asked, "Are they all yours?"  "They are."  "That's wonderful.  You have a beautiful family."  "Thank you."  I'm sure my smile said it too, our morning totally redeemed.   

Tim called as we were driving home.  "Did you eat?"  "Yes, we missed you, but you can read about it in my blog."  "That good?"  "Doesn't matter.  I think every day is blogworthy regardless."  :)