C is for Cookie

Sometimes you just have to make cookies...even when you're not hungry or don't need something to take somewhere.  There's never a bad time to make cookies.  The promise of making them in our house creates excitement for everyone.  There isn't a shortage of volunteers to help dump the ingredients in the bowl, run the mixer or scoop the dough out onto the pan.  And there is definitely  a line formed when it comes to taste testing the dough. 

For the most part, the older kids know how to make a batch by themselves, although it seems when they do, the recipe only yields about a dozen instead of 3-4 dozen!  The little kids love taking their turns learning how to measure, crack eggs, when to add ingredients and what speed to turn the mixer to.  They must be reminded OFTEN that we don't lick measuring spoons, cups or scrapers until the very end. 

Usually a mess is made as some of the sugar spills out over the lip of the mixing bowl when being dumped in, or egg white runs down the side a little.  Flour usually dusts more than the inside of the measuring cup by the time it is added, and the mixer barely stops whirling around before little fingers try to get inside for that long-awaited taste. 

Chocolate chip are the favorite variety in our house.  They're easy to make...no recipe card needed by now...about 15 minutes from start to finish and usually another 5 just to let them cool before enjoying those ooey, gooey melted chocolate bites of goodness.  I like to make cookies with my kids...it usually makes for a great change of pace when the aggitation of a rocky day starts to creep up.  The finished result doesn't last long, but it never takes long to find an excuse to make another batch either.