Live Streaming

Live streaming because I'm not sure where this first thought will end, so I type as I go, letting the thoughts flow...

My Grandma recently gave me a king size down comforter.  We have a queen size that we bought shortly after we were married.  It was a big splurge, but we LOVED sleeping under the billowy, soft, warm-in-the-winter, cool-in-the-summer cover.  At the point when we had more than one child and we began to discover the results of an older child (even at only age 3)  being able to acquire and leave out things like scissors, crayons, sharpies and the like, our beloved comforter began to sprinkle little fluffy pieces of goose down all over the place. 

I am not a mender...I don't do well patching holes, sewing on buttons, etc, so after failed attempts to seal up the leaks, I stored the comforter in a box.  That was probably 7 years ago.  I recently took it out and patched up all of the holes--in about 3 minutes!!  Oh brother!  I was immediately reminded how much we liked it and we've been enjoying using it on our king size bed since, even though it is a little small. 

The one my grandma gave us is just as "plush" if not even more so.  It is not soft like ours, but crisp.  I like it just as much!  In fact, it reminds me of those fabulous linens and beddings that are on hotel beds.  I have often wished that I could afford such a luxurious bed that just beckons you to crawl in.  Now I have one...sort of.  I don't have all of those fun pillows, and my sheets are still not Egyptian Cotton, but it is fun to crawl in under that crisp fluffy comforter.   Thanks Grandma!

AND...while I'm writing of comforting things again, I must add that yesterday I got to have coffee with a girlfriend.  It's not like I've never had coffee with a girlfriend before, but somehow this morning was different.  I don't know why or how.  I just remember thinking to myself that several years ago, I was fantasizing about leaving my house without children to meet a friend and have a leisurely cup of coffee while we just chatted away.  This cup of coffee came after an early morning run in the rain.  Hopefully it will become an occasional habit.  :)  (I love that we took pictures!!)

AND...while I'm writing about coffee, I must add that I am so lucky to have the best brother in the world who has left his espresso machine at our home for our temporary use since mine finally died last year.  Oh how I enjoy a yummy latte (especially without the price tag!)  Thanks Cash!

AND...speaking of coffee at home and comforting things...I got a Williams-Sonoma catalog in the mail the other day.  Call me crazy, I already know I am, but those catalogs to me are to be browsed in an environment that allows day dreaming to happen because each page is a little picture of comfort and desire, whether it is the recipes, the cookware/kitchenware, or even just the "put-together" look of the backdrop room!

So, I really don't want to leave out this last thought:  (I kind of feel like I'm in the poem "If You Give a Mom a Muffin" )  As much as I day dream about all the fun linens and kitchen tools in a catalog, I also really enjoy the ones I have here at home...especially the ones that make me feel like I am in my Grandma's kitchen.  I like making things and doing things that remind me of my childhood, and hope to pass that along to my kids too.  From our strawberries that we picked, we made two pans of strawberry rhubarb bars.  I couldn't even snap a picture of them before they were gone!  We also made 13 pints of strawberry jam!  Mmmm.  Actually, 9 pints of jam and 4 pints of syrup.  I'm not sure what I do, or don't do, but if Tim helps, it turns out, and when he doesn't, I have syrup.  Oh well.  We tend to really like my mistakes when we have waffles! 

It's all happiness.  If I could bottle it up, I would...and sell it somewhere on the pages of W-S!