Spilled Milk

We've had wood floors for an entire four months now and I'm really not sure how exactly I functioned without them.  I think that sounds like a pretty shallow statement, but in all truth, I've wiped up--WIPED UP--so many spills (just this morning a cereal bowl full of milk hit the floor), muddy footprints, ink markings, sticky residue, and I've swept up enough dirt to fill a large planter and dog hair to form another dog!  I've vacuumed only a handful of times and the only shampooing I've done is to my hair.  What a relief not to have carpet.  I think that this was definitely worth the inconvenience of removing everything from our main floor, tearing up carpet and tack strips, linoleum and underlayment, removing trim, and of course, removing two sections of wall to open up our kitchen, living room and office-now-dining room and another wall to create a bigger mudroom.  I hate to even say these things make my life better, because my life is full, but I think that they do.  One could argue that maybe it is the fact that I've had another adult here almost the entire length that the floors have been in, or that the baby is older, or the kids are more mature...those things could definitely contribute, but these floors have certainly impacted my attitude and freed up much of my time. 

It's always fun to get something new too.  All in all, our remodel project offered us a renewed living space, new wood floors, new tile floors, new counter surface and modified storage area, and a few fun decorating details too including a new wall color on the big wall, two VERY sturdy benches for extra seating at our stand-by table that has been "renewed" in color at least 5 times since I initially bought it 15 years ago for $10, new kitchen seating at the new counter, different "computer space" in the living room due to the absence of an office (and rearrangement of the upstairs bedrooms to accomodate Tim's office too). It is continually becoming our home more and more.  Little additions, details, modifications...it will always be a work in progress as long as our family grows and grows up and as long as I can change my mind about what I like today.  Currently I must like orange...although I think it was a decision inspired by the two orange chairs that my dad brought to us.  I fought this, saying that we had no where to put them, no time to reupholster them since they were 1970's orange (why do you think no one else wanted them either?).  He insisted, mostly because our seating at that time was ridiculous.  Now that our space has changed, they are the perfect addition (thanks Dad) and the hide-away loveseat that we brought home compliments them nicely...a color scheme is born!  We've also been fortuneate enough to be on the receiving end of great friends who have given us not just bunk beds, but the perfect dining chairs to "complete" our dining area.  Thanks Carrie and Mario!