Easter finds

I've been thinking about outfits for the kids to wear for EAster since I didn't get the girls' dresses made at Christmas.  I have ivory linen in my sewing room begging me to come unwrap it and begin making something with it.  I'm incredibly eager to do so...I actually do develop a longing to go sew, where the thoughts of getting started consume me, but the actual effort to begin gets pushed to another day.  I've modified my plan for that linen though:  rather than making five shirts and two dresses, I'm going to make two dresses, a skirt and a beautiful bag when it is paired with some blue linen that I have.  If there is any left, I'm going to make a simple sling...just for Easter.  I know that the season is not about pretty new dresses, but I so enjoy taking my family to church in new outfits to celebrate the season of new life.  The thought of getting the shirts done overwhelmed me a bit, so I turned to the world wide web to browse my selections that someone else has made.  In the midst of my search, my scheme changed to white and black.  It is here that I intend to add pictures of the cutest linen pants and shirts that I've found in addition to a little linen derby cap for Joe.  It will be a lovely family picture, and the kids will have church clothes again for another year.  LOL!

(At this point again in the evening, I have minimal internet connection, so I'm going to be done rather than becoming increasingly frustrated.)