Random Ramblings

Many things I wish to record tonight, so there is really no rhyme or reason to the theme of this entry, just randomness.  I went to Target today on a mission to find pink or red melamine trays and/or heart dishes because for the past several years, I've always thought about it, looked at them and ultimately decided that I shouldn't spend the money, I will simply use paper and plastic.  In hindsight, I would have already paid for those dishes had I bought them 4 or 5 years ago and since I likely will continue to offer Valentine meals for Valentine's days for years to come, I may as well bite the bullet and invest in some fun dishes.  I found some cute ones, but not EXACTLY what I was looking for, so I continued shopping through the store while contemplating my potential purchase...I can linger at Target for hours just looking!  While browsing up and down most of the aisles, I found Special K ceral on sale and remembered that I had a coupon for free Special K granola with cereal purchase, and there were three boxes of granola, so I added 3 boxes of each to my cart and then discovered some additional "peelie" coupons on four of the boxes for "buy this box of cereal and get a free box of SK protien bars"...well, of course I picked up four boxes of protien bars too and all in all, ten boxes of cereal/granola and protien bars cost me $9.27.  That is $1.04 per box!!  (Regular price for all of it would have been about $45!)  Total spent on groceries to date:  $206.17---but if I back out the gift bags for MOPS and the birthday party paper products, then my actual grocery total is $184.19.  (I've got to be as accurate as possible here.  :)  I did discover that I'll have to go back to HyVee on Saturday because sliced cheese is on sale and so are bananas. 

Today is really officially my last day without all of my children.  I don't mean to say that like I'm disappointed, I'm not, rather I am anxious for their return and anxious about trying to squeeze a few more productive moments out of my remaining time that it should be more managable to do so.  MOPS this morning, leisurely errands...if you can even call them that.  I basically browsed Target, Gloria Deo and JoAnn's for 2 hours and then sat in church and nursed Amelia for another 30 minutes before picking up the kids.  The plan for the remainder of the afternoon/evening was to come home, rearrange and head back into Lincoln to take Jakob to Conquest.  This ultimately didn't happen because of a few untimely meltdowns, so as of 7:50 pm, all is quiet in my house.  The topic at MOPS today was the five love languages.  I confess, I do not know exactly what the love languages of each of my children are.  I have been trying to figure that out for some time...not very hard, but I've given it some thought.  How can I fill their love tanks?  The only thing that I kept coming back to was thinking that I'm fairly confident I know how their tanks are emptied.  We read many bible verses that pertained to the wickedness and hurt of a sharp tongue.  I was somewhat surprised, but not really, to learn that many times those whose primary love language is "acts of service" are quick to have a sharp tongue and criticize when something isn't done well or good enough.  "Why are we so hard on those we treasure the most?"  I asked myself.  This is my struggle, my biggest challenge that I must overcome.  My love language may not change, but my attitude and my ability to fill my children's love tanks can.  The Lenten season is quickly approaching and I'm giving some very serious thought to devoting my Lenten sacrifice to purposefully attempting to fill (and more purposefully working on not emptying) the love tanks of my family. 

...no human being can tame the tongue.  It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.  -James 3:8
Know this, my dear brothers:  everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath...-James 1:19
The prating of some men is like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise is healing. -Proverbs 12:18
He who guards his mouth and tongue keeps himself from trouble.-Proverbs 21:23

The word of God!  I can do this for my family.  And what may I find as a result?  I'm sure there will be plenty of positive...there always is when something is done that is pleasing to God.  An experiement?  Hmmm...it shall commence.  Stay tuned.  :)

I must go be productive while the environment allows it.  Oh, and I did not purchase the Valentine dishes...I just couldn't bring myself to spend $25 on seasonal plates...I'll check back after V-Day for next year!