We may have solved our evening internet problem.  The telephone repair man came today and tested the lines...everything was fine, good connections, good speeds, etc.  That really doesn't matter much considering he was here at 1 pm, because it is after 6 pm when our problems exist.  He said it was probable that someone is stealing our signal, so I spent two hours today securing our router and connections.  It is like Fort Knox now I think.  Whew...that was a lot of work, but I"m sure well worth it considering that you would have to be a serious hacker to even begin breaking in. 

The day was busy as usual, but Julia picked kids up from school--always an immeasurable help--and she is dropping off and picking up Jakob tonight as well.  Tim is in Boston, but is due home late tonight.  It is Benjamin's turn for snacks at preschool tomorrow, so he and Joe and I spent the afternoon creating butterfly snacks.  I need to bake cupcakes tonight and get them decorated tomorrow for Joe's birthday.  He will turn 3!  Holy smokes!!
Jakob's class was reading the book "The Lightening Thief" which was made into a movie, so they went as a class to see the movie.  I took a couple of the boys and Josh and Jon went too.  It was a pretty good movie, but that is apparently because I haven't read the book.  Again, I had the liberty to do this because Julia was at home with the little kids.  Even last week, I went on Jakob's field trip to the symphony...all because Julia was here.  Having her here has been such a blessing.  Not just because now I have a built in babysitter, but because it is so great to have a first hand experience of what family is and what family does for each other.  I love that the kids get to know her and have this time with her.  They will remember this time for a long time.  She isn't overwhelmed (to my knowelge) by the chaos, but rather takes it all in stride.  By the time she is ready to leave, I will be completely used to having her here and probably have just gotten comfortable unfolding a really great relationship.  We've had the opportunity to have great conversations, and do a few things together.  HOpefully that will continue...I haven't really thought about her love language until today.  I will add her to my list of "kids" and pay closer attention...or just have a conversation with her about it.  :)  Julia, if you're reading this blog, you know what's coming your way!  :)

On a whole seperate note, I went to two stores today after MOPS and was pleasantly surprised by Ben and Joe's behavior.  They were incredibly compliant and not at all obnoxious--ok, maybe a little, but not noticeable compared to a normal outing.  From holding my hand to staying beside me in the store, to not begging for everything,  Wow,  it was encouraging!  I offered them both 'words of affirmation'.  :)