from the coffee shop

Something new today:  I am blogging from the coffee shop!  Exciting milestone...ha ha!  Amelia and I went to mass after we dropped the kids off at school.  Mathilda and Benjamin both had school today, so it's just the two of us girls.  We've got about an hour before picking up Ben.  His classmate Willy is coming home with us, so they're both excited.  We'll take him back when I pick up the rest of the kids from school.  We're currently enjoying a bagel and coffee at Big Apple Bagels, watching the cars go by and the snow come down.  Tim is out of town, so of course we got about 6 inches of snow last night.  It seems to only snow when he is gone.  I'm thankful to be driving the Taubenheim's suburban with 4WD and really thinking that we will need to acquire another 4WD before next winter. 

Jakob is home sick today.  He doesn't like to miss school, so I don't often wonder if he really is or isn't feeling well.  He went back to bed before we left this morning.  Our drive in took 45 minutes.  We drove faster in town that on the highway.  Jakob stayed home with the kids (all of them minus Joe) last night for a couple of hours and did an amazing job.  Everyone was quiet in bed or asleep by 9:00 and he was in the kitchen finishing up making everything super clean.  He IS my Jekel and Hyde child.  I was sure to share with
him how much I appreciated his extra efforts and what a great boy he is. 

I bought some new clothes last night for myself.  I couldn't resist the "yellow-dot" racks at Younkers.  A pair of trousers--yes trousers, I'm not afraid to expand my horizens--, a big wool sweater, two sweater jackets or cardigans, a scarf and two t-shirts for $50.  Need them?  Well, actually, my wardrobe is fairly limited.  I feel like I'm still in between sizes and still hopeful to return to a size 8 or even 10 would be great.  I'm again at that place of trying diligently...exercising daily, eating well, drastically reducing sweets and finding the scale not moving more than 2 pounds in a matter of 3 weeks!  It is discouraging especially considering that 3 months ago, the scale said 5 pounds less because I made the effort and now this effort is SLOW!  Two things though:  I will run the half marathon in May and I will feel like I look good in July during my 20 year class reunion.  I don't really care about looking fabulous...impressing people with anything less that who I really am, so I will not give up.  :)  Julia and I have been able to go for a couple of runs together.  It is nice to have someone to run with, but we'll probably have to wait a while again for the snow to disappear. 

I may be running out of time because Amelia is done with her bagel.  "She is so cute...she is such a good baby...she is adorable...what a good little girl..."  I know.  :)  "Thank you" I reply.  She is a good girl, and of course she is cute...all of our kids are!!!