For Sunday, February 14th


Sunday, February 14, 2010...

Outside my is dark, the wind is howling from the north and blowing all of the snow into drifts, the temperature is a bitter 15 degrees.  Earlier today it snowed beautifully.  Big clumps of those little, unique crystals.  They're amazing I think.  I even told Julia yesterday that next time it snowed she needed to catch one on her glove so she could see that they truly are intricate like we try to make them when we cut up folded paper ones.  Soon, as it continued to snow, it started to blow.  We were driving home from church and by the time we were home, it was blowing so hard that visibility was gone.  By 2:00, there had been a 12 car pile up on the highway a couple of miles from here and Julia's car stuck in the road at the bottom of the hill by our house.  Everyone is home now and all cars are accounted for in the garage and driveway.  The drifts are getting bigger, but by morning will likely (hopefully) be minimal again.  The sky is bright with stars, but too cold to gaze at them.

I am thinking...that I should go to bed, but that I should also work on some sewing projects.  That Valentine's Day is a silly "holiday", but still fun to do things for the kids.  Tim and I have never really done anything to "celebrate" V-Day.  I honestly don't really care to.  Tim did get Mathilda a flower and a cute princess frog to hold it.  He asked if he could get me flowers too and I strongly refused...there are many other things I'd rather have $60 for.  Yesterday we had a Valentine lunch, complete with heart shaped PB&J sandwhiches, strawberries, cherry yogurt, red tortilla chips and red beet chips, strawberry milk and a valentine cupcake for dessert served in heart dishes.  I enjoy doing these things for the kids, and I think they have fun with it too.  Ben and Joe each made me a valentine at Grandma's house...I really like them!  The kids have all been full of extra hugs for me today too.

I am thankful family all being home.  The volume level is intense and bedtime is a little more challenging, but it is nice to have Joe home.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

From the kitchen...we had granola bars this morning as we rushed out the door at 7:15, only to find that the suburban battery was dead.  The three boys and I went to 8:00 mass and Tim went at 10:00 (Jakob had to serve at 8 and Tim lectored at 10 and then stayed in Lincoln for the last performance of "The Mission of Joan of Arc").  Lunch, or brunch was breakfast burritos...used the leftover fillings from last nights taco salad, and for dinner, garlic sausage, scalloped cheesy potatoes and corn (from our garden).  Tim and the boys cleaned up for me for V-Day.  :)

I am incredibly mismatched outfit of capri pants, a pullover sweatshirt and slippers.  I had to change when I came in from scooping Julia's car out of the road because I looked and felt like a frozen, drowned rat.

I am creating...a more efficient space in my sewing room.  It is torn apart right now, and I must get it back together because I need to get a nursing cover and five burp clothes finished tomorrow.  Organizing is always a slow process because I finally get it done only to start over again and try something new. 

I am brush my teeth and go to bed pretty soon and start this sewing project tomorrow. 

I am reading...nothing at the current moment, but I did read several books about cupcakes at Barnes and Noble the other morning.  I think cupcakes will be the route to go for the upcoming birthdays.

I am hoping...that Amelia sleeps all night, but not because of the bump on her head.  She squirmed from Jon's arms as he was holding her and landed right on her head.  I kept her awake to monitor her for a little while, but she has been so sleepy lately and not sleeping well.

I am iTunes playing a song I'm unfamiliar with.  I created a playlist the other day on another site, and now I need to make my own playlist on iTunes so I can listen to my favorites.

Around the house...we are as always in the midst of modification of some sort.  As I clean out my sewing room, the stereo is moving to the TV room and my silver table has made its way back into the family room too as a counter height table for the kids to sit at on the computer or to color or draw.

One of my favorite a cup of hot cocoa...sugar free so that I can add a bunch of marshmallows to the top.  It's a good thing to warm me up on a cold day. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School routine, school family meeting, possibly going to hear a prolife speaker on Friday and then parenting group on Saturday and basketball and Conquest on Sunday. 

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