What one child can do

Sunday evening after arriving home from AZ, I went to church and took Benjamin with me. He was excited to go without any siblings. The first 10 minutes at church, he mimicked my every action...that was a good thing because he was demonstrating reverence and being good. Even I was impressed. This behavior was short lived. Benjamin is a child that doesn't sit long...well, none of our children have ever sat long. He litterally acts like there are ants in his pants. Up and down, back and forth. I had to follow him down the aisle and bring him back to our seat. He didn't want to be held, didn't want to sit, didn't want to hold my hand. He just wanted to walk up and down the empty pew, crawl under the pew, crawl over the pew...Father's message was a good one...I think. After mass, Ben wanted to light a candle. He still had the dollar that he was saving to take up to father, but they must not do that anymore. He took off by himself while I was gathering things up and started lighting a candle by himself. He did a good job, but then didn't know what to do with the stick. He tried to put it back, and must have realized it would've started the rest of them on fire, so he stopped. The flame was getting close to his hand by the time I got to him, so we blew it out and started again. He was so pleased with himself. This child doesn't stop talking, asking questions, or running away. We had to stop at the grocery store and he was excited to go in with me. "Is it my week?" he asked. (Each of the kids has a designated week during which they have privileges such as going into the store with me--when someone else is with the rest of them in the car) "No, but you can come anyway." The littlest things are exciting. In the store, he was in and out of the cart, up and down the aisles. As i type this, I think to myself, "Why didn't I tell him no?" OK, well, I did. I tried lots of things, but most weren't worth the visible battle. On the way home, he was in and out of his seat. Buckled and then not buckled, leaning over the seat to ask me a question. His response to my starting to pull over? "FINE!" Once we were home, he didn't slow down. Tim had dinner ready, but he didn't stay seated to eat them. It could have had something to do with all the snacking he did earlier while under the table. That is where I find wrappers, dishes, fruit skeletons! He doesn't stop eating. There are often wrappers and other evidence under his bed too. He makes me tired just watching him, not just chasing him! This is the child that could find 20 caramels at Grandpa's house if they were all hidden in different spots. He leaves nothing unopened, unturned, put together! After putting him to bed, and honoring his request of "Don't lock me door mommy!", Tim, Jakob and I sat in the living room visiting. I walked back to our bedroom for something and noticed the light was on and couldn't help but notice the overwhelming smell of fingernail polish.

Just having returned from AZ, I had most of my suitcase unpacked. I put the ziplock bag of toiletries and my makeup bag on top of my dresser. Benjamin had quietly snuck into our room and explored my makeup bag. Light pink polish was on the carpet--dumped on the carpet. An entirely full blush compact dug out and sprinkled on the chair and floor. Make up brushes and applicators covered with all colors. A BRAND NEW container of eye cream--brand new--was empty and rubbed over my dresser top...it looks 10 years younger now! No more mascarra, eye liner, eye shadow, or foundation either! Fortuneately, my purfume was still closed! Needless to say, he was put to bed and the door locked. This is WHY he has a lock on the outside of his door. We usually unlock it when we go to bed, but we've thought about not before as he has been known to be in the refrigerator grabbing a snack in the wee hours of the morning, or standing on top of the counter looking for something to eat, or walking out a door to the outside. Scary, this child is.

He makes me tired! I truly don't remember if the others had this much energy at 3, or if I just had more of it when they were 3. He is independent. It is remarkable what he has learned to do on his own...or by watching his older siblings! He is one that can't be left alone for long, because it takes no time at all for him to undo anything. This is important information, as I need to have a record so I know whether or not Joe compares--he'll be three one of these days too.