I'm watching the very first episode of "Friends" on TV right now...why is that blog-worthy? I have no idea, but it is captivating. It's amazing that I am a good 15 years or so older than when I watched it the first time. It's amazing how few responsibilities I had then compared to now. Hmmm.

My dad is here this week with us because he has meetings in Lincoln. He didn't have anything today until this afternoon, so he spent the morning with us at home. It's always fun to have family as guests, but this morning, I got to see a different side of my dad. He helped me empty the dishwasher, make breakfast, clean up breakfast, he went and got Joe from his bed and held him while his diaper was, he didn't change him, that would have been a HUGE different side of him...but he held him, read him a book, played with the kids outside. I don't know why this surpises me. It doesn't really surprise me in the sense that I didn't know he was capable of these things, I guess he's usually just busy doing something else. I don't really know the words to give it. It was just nice.

Joe didn't have a fever all day, and his rash is almost gone. His ears are both infected. His rash has been changing. It's kind of weird because he'll have no spots and then a spot, and then it will be in a different place an hour later. The doctor said the "bruising" part of the rash was probably from the strep, the red, raised part of the rash was from the drug reaction and the fever was from the influenza and accelerated the rash. Poor little guy. His feet and hands were so swollen the last couple of days that he couldn't walk or hold a spoon. He was just miserable. He wanted only to lay his head on my shoulder and be held. I loved holding him, but I'm really glad that he was up running around today.

A friend called Saturday to see how we were all doing as she heard about Joe from another friend. I was truly touched when I realized that we have such wonderful friends that were praying for Joseph and offering help with anything if we needed it. we really do have amazing friends. Genuine friends. We don't have a TV show...