Save the Earth

BEfore I forget, I was thinking about what my kids are "into" right now. I don't remember well what Jakob was into when he was 6, so i better record this because it won't be long before Joe is 6 and I can't remember what Jon liked at 6!

All three of the older boys are very concerned about the earth and protecting and preserving it. They are cognicent of polluting the air, recycling, reducing waste. We are good at recycling for the most part, but they are adimant that paper, cardboard, glass, plastic...all of it is saved from the trash can.

There is a big movement in being green right now. We are conscious of reducing our carbon footprint and being responsible, especially since we have a big family. I look outside right now and marvel at the arrival of spring...the way the countryside turns to a carpet of green and the trees unveil their beautiful canopies, and the pop of colors of the spring flowers, the fragrance of the blossoms on the trees and bushes and the songs from the birds outside. I want our children and their children and their children to enjoy the same transition of seasons.

It's likely that with a family the size of ours, we'll probably always drive a gas-guzzler of some sort, and produce a good amount of trash, but currently we're trying to be environmentally friendly in the detergents and cleaners that we use, the garbage that we throw away, the containers that we use, the products that we buy. We're trying to be better about what we consume as well. Maybe we'll all live longer.

Ben is totally into riding his bike. Everyday he practices up and down the sidewalk. Typically he has no shoes or socks on and frequently isn't even completely dressed, but non-the-less, he is on his bike and celebrating with a big "whoo hoo!" when he completes his route!