Get out the violin, I'm going to complain...

This whole entry will probably be one big VENT. Today is day 14 of the start of all the sickness in our house. Jakob and Joshua went back to school this morning and I'm crossing my fingers that my phone doesn't ring with a request to come take them from school. Not because I don't want them here, but mainly because we just need to return to some sort of normalcy. Listen to myself...I'm complaining about having sick kids for 2 weeks when some people have to worry about if their children will EVER be well, or when they can leave the hospital, or if they'll get to celebrate the next holiday. It certainly puts things into perspective to think about that, but I am definitely glad to be headed back into routine.

The remaining children in the house this morning are actually still asleep...I probably should go back to bed too. I apparently have allergies, and have never before realized how horrible they could be. I would rather be sick, at least then I know it would go away. So far I have had NO relief from allergy medication. I am miserable, and I must say that it takes A LOT for me to feel that way. I need an entire week just to get our house in what would feel like a liveable condition again. Without exaggeration, our home looks like one of those houses that has been repossesed and the former occupants just disappeared from the face of the earth! The main reason for this? NO ONE did anything. This is partly my fault for not enforcing something, but my week was upside down anyway, I truly felt like I was drowning. NO ONE made a bed...except me...and I did wash king size sheets and bedding twice, everyone else's bedding once, except for Ben's because he peed the bed three times this week...yes he had a pull up on. The bed is not even the tip of the ice berg with him right now anyway. He is peeing everywhere in the house. The tub (he stands on the floor and pees into the tub), his floor, behind the couch, in the utility room, in the play room, in his closet, under his bed. I must add the following, as I'm sure with my failing memory I may read this one day and wonder why in the world he didn't get in trouble. HE HAS BEEN SPANKED, PUT IN TIME OUT, MADE TO CLEAN UP HIS MESS, THREATENED WITH ALL BUT HIS LIFE. WHY???? WHY do our children do this? He is three!!!! I could continue with all the things he does to make me pull my hair out, but I don't want to be mad at him before he even wakes up this morning!

Getting out of routine has also caused our children to think that they can totally walk away from everything. Dishes weren't removed from the table, garbage was just dropped on the floor, or the table, or the chair, or whereever they wanted to, just not the trash can. Jakob, who hasn't been to school in a week swore he only had the one pair of pants that he had on today, and they were dirty!!!! I've had ALL of the laundry done this week.

We finally sprayed for ants last night, otherwise they have been having a feast in our house. It is so much easier to find the crumbs that didn't get swept up when you have a dotted black line directing you to them. I don't think frat boys could make this big of a mess if they were having a party!

It is Monday, and even though not everyone is well yet, we WILL return to routine today. NO MORE TV on a school day or night, no more playstation either! The dishwasher will be unloaded and loaded by the designated child, beds WILL be made, garbage will be picked up, and no child will leave the table without taking his dirty dishes with him (or her). That doesn't sound hard, yet I am even amazed at how out-of-hand things got this week. It wasn't even because I wasn't trying to keep some sense of order. It is just not an easy task to care for 7 sick people, and it certainly doesn't help to not feel well myself.

I always think that God allows things like this to happen to remind us that He is there during the good times too and we often forget to sit and talk to Him when things are rolling along really well. I know that I'm terribly guilty of neglecting our relationship until I need something, and I certainly need something right now. :) At least He doesn't keep track. He just says, "Hi friend, it's been a while, let's catch up." At least that's how my version goes. I think we all need to take a minute or 10 today to do more than spit out the memorized prayers.

My house is beginning to stir...that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...good thing I didn't sit down and "vent" last night. I was pretty irritated!!