Vacuum cleaners, the really do...

We’re headed to Phoenix today…Mattie, Joe and I. I began packing on Monday to ensure that I would be ready and give myself a chance to forget things before I really left. I did a pretty good job to if I say so. I of course wanted to have the house clean and laundry done before leaving and I always have this great idea of leaving everyone else a little present or note to find in my absence. I was going to sew a dress for Mattie before leaving, and even thought I could get to MOPS this morning before going to the airport. It really did seem realistic! I don’t know what I was thinking! Well, it could have happened…

Yesterday, the doorbell rang at 1:00 and there was a college student going from house to house offering a free carpet shampoo in one room as a word of mouth advertising effort on behalf of a new company. (I’m thinking a carpet shampooing company) “The foam takes 30 minutes to dry and we could do it now, I’m scheduling people every half hour.” (I’m thinking, someone will shampoo my carpet, “encourage” me to have the rest of the rooms done, ask for names, and be out in 30 minutes). That is NOT what was going to happen. At 4:30 promptly, the doorbell rang and two gentleman came in with a machine in tow. One left and the other stayed…for 2 ½ hours!!! He was demonstrating a Kirby vacuum cleaner. At the point when I realized what was going on, I asked him, "Are you here to shampoo my carpet and advertise a carpet shampooing business, or are you going to try to sell me this vacuum cleaner?" "Oh, I am going to shampoo your carpet", he said, to which my reply was, "And try to sell me this vacuum cleaner?" "Yes"

GREAT! I knew it was too good to be true, but when I asked what the catch was to the girl who rang my doorbell, she said, "they'll only shampoo one room." WHATEVER!!! I thought about this as the salesperson was vacuuming my already vacuumed carpet and laying out lots of little round filters covered in fine dirt that was coming from my carpet. Did I mention that I already vacuumed twice with my Rainbow? The vacuum purchased from a salesperson who did a demo in our home and made us feel like we were living in filth because of all the dirt he sucked out of our carpet into little cloth filters and told us that this was the best vacuum on the market because it didn't use a filter, but water, and that we wouldn't have to worry about dirt staying trapped in our carpet anymore? Now THIS person is rambling on about how the Kirby filter captures whatever, doesn't put anything back into the air, the Rainbow water creates bubbles that pop putting dirt back into the air...oh geez! So I asked him, "What is the bottom line? How much?" Of course I did not get a straight answer, but he did finally (after a couple of set up phone calls) give me $1400. That is with the trade of our Rainbow.

At this point, my children have figured out how to put a new demo filter in, vacuum and take the dirty filter out and line it up next to the other 30 laying on the floor, and start all over again. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. By now, I'm realizing that he has been here 35 minutes and is not even close to shampooing my carpet, so I shooed the kids out so he could get moving. I really thought that he was behind because the kids were "helping" him. NO! He had me bring my Rainbow back into the room and proceeded to compare them through little tests. OK, enough. It's 5:30 now and I need to make dinner. He's already met all 6 of my kids, smelled that I need to change one, and the others are taking total advantage of me by watching TV this whole time. I don't know if any homework has been done. He was making another "set up" phone call because he "forgot" to register for his sales contest and today is the last day. Good one! So, I went to the kitchen and started making dinner. He came and talked to me in the kitchen. I used the last 30 minutes to work up the courage to tell him that I didn't think it was very nice how the girl left out some majorly important details about this, like someone would be trying to sell me a vacuum, it was going to take a LONG time, and I would need to be in the room the whole time! I mean really...I would not have agreed at all, it's not like I don't have anything else to do with my time. He asked if I wanted him to shampoo, and all I could think is, you've already been here over an hour, my furniture is all in my kitchen, and I have to shampoo the carpet before everyone visits in april anyway, so yes, please do it, and hurry up.

He proceeded, kept the filter papers out on the floor, and ultimately forgot to shampoo under them, so he had to take everything back out. At 7:05, he was walking out the door, willing to call me back on Monday, because I told him several times that my husband and I don't make decisions independently of each other when it comes to large amounts of money. It's Tuesday, and he hasn't called. Big surprise. It's probably no surprise that I stayed up a little later than I wanted to finish packing, didn't get a couple of projects done before leaving and I certainly didn't get my laundry done, floors swept and scrubbed and dishes washed, so I didn't make it to MOPS the next day either.

Someday I will learn...there aren't very many people out there that don't have a hidden agenda. Most of them know where I live and when is the best time to knock on my door! I had decided that if he (the salesperson) called, I would inform him that we liked the Kirby, wanted to buy it, have the money to buy it, but decided that due to the ambush they felt necessary to show it to me, we were uncertain of where the dishonesty stopped, so we would pass. Darn it...I didn't get the chance! Oh, well. Probably better that he didn't call. Knowing me, I would have been talked into letting him come back!