one little, two little, three little sick ones...

I am writing about the present today. I felt like I had to catch up from last week because the events were noteworthy, but now it's time for now. The current state of my home is: wheat bread baking in the oven, potato soup with bacon on the stove top, tres leche cake in the refrigerator, kitchen swept, dishes drying in the dishwasher, bills paid, two loads of laundry done, 5 children watching Curious George, one putting together a puzzle, husband taking a nap before dinner. I had to see that in print to make sure I did get something done today. Here is the rest of the state of my house: garbage bags that need to be taken out piled in the mud room, bed unmade, 5 loads of laundry on the bedroom floor--the used to be in baskets until Ben tried to find something to wear--a good 6 loads of laundry lining the stairway enroute to the laundry room, a sink full of dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher, unpacked suitcase still waiting to be put away, 16 medicine spoons, syringes, and cups randomly laying around the house, two bathtubs full of water waiting to be drained, vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the floor waiting for the big things to be picked up before vacuuming...I'm sure there is more, but this is what I currently observe.

I am talking myself out of a headache right now. I'm in denial maybe. I refuse to be sick right now, if only to say that I was the only one that wasn't. I should just give in so I don't have to feel sick when everyone else is at the height of their energy return. Oh, yes, maybe I forgot to mention that 7 people in this house have strep throat. Jon was diagnosed last Thursday, Mattie on Saturday. Joshua had a fever Friday night, Joe Saturday night, Tim last night, Jakob and Benjamin today. Fortuneately for us, we can at this point make a phone call to the clinic and provide name, symptoms, date of birth and weight, and then go pick up a prescription for an antibiotic. Jakob and Benjamin probably won't start until Thursday, as our Dr. doesn't like to treat it right away to ensure success in eliminating the bacteria completely.

We've thrown away toothbrushes and purchased new ones, and back up new ones so that each child has a new toothbrush to use 48 hours after being on the antibiotic. We don't really have anything going on right now, and it isn't nice outside, so we're trapped...I mean we've been exploring the inside opportunities. Those aren't many when you're sick. TV, TV and more TV it seems. There have been some books and puzzles, and of course sleep. None at the same time though, so it's been a very busy day. I feel like I've answered "mooooommy" at least 100 times today. Someone needs toilet paper, someone needs a bath, someone needs a new diaper, someone just threw up, someone just threw up again, someone needs clothes, someone just spilled, someone just needs to be held, and now someone is jealous. There have been lots of tears today. Tears of pain, tears of frustration, tears of anger...and the kids have cried too. :)

We have a gallon of amoxil in the refrigerator. Good thing for us is that everyone's composition is the same, so we just have to keep track of different dosages. That is why there are so many medicine spoons around. Three times a day times four kids, plus motrin, or cough syrup. That's alot of spoons. I can't really believe I'm typing all of this without interuption. It seems like the first time today. I think we're almost out of soap, I know we're almost out of disinfectant. There are no more cups in the cupboard because no one can remember which one was theirs and I won't let them use someone elses. I hope it gets nice this week. Our house is in major need of having the windows opened up.

In my frustration of everyone being sick, I've decided that we really need to do a better job eating natural, unprocessed foods. We already do a pretty good job, but when I realized that Ben's nose runs even when he's not sick and that Tim is sick anytime ANYONE is sick, I thought that natural is a great solution. We're going to start getting raw milk from the family that used to live here. Milk, cream and all. Maybe that's why I'm healthy and my immune system is strong. That's what I grew up on. In my efforts to research this idea, I found lots of things that I didn't even know about processed foods, and now I'm convinced that this is a good idea. It shouldn't be too much of a change really, except for the fruit being organic and the milk being raw. Our freezer is full of small-farm fresh meat, we already do whole grains...we probably should get rid of the pop...maybe. :) We'll see. It makes me feel like a good mom just thinking about it. Oh, and vitamins...we'll even do a better job taking those consistantly. Again...I need to document this to remember my thoughts so I can see what the result is later.

Being a mom of 6 is a big job. Being a mom of 6 SICK kids is not for the weak. It is a grueling job! There is an open beer bottle on the counter to prove it! :) The hardest part about it is that I just wish I could take away their pain and make them better just by holding them. Well, that sure would make my job easier! I does hurt to see them hurting and in tears because they don't feel well. We're hopeful that by mid-week next week, everyone will be feeling well. There are two more weeks until the end of tax season, so if we can keep Tim medicated and rested, hopefully he'll be ok. Hopefully it will be nice by then too and everyone can go outside to play. Fresh air will be good for all of us!