Take your shirt off

Benjamin walked out of his room this morning in what else but his orange football shirt and camo pants! His nose was black from marker and for whatever reason he began taking his shirt off. Tim told him to take his shirt off and Benjamin gave him a confused look because his orange shirt was on the floor. Benjamin had black marker all over his chest and stomach to compliment the black nose! I haven't been in his room yet to see if there is any additional decorating. I remind myself that boys are special. I even listened to something the other day about schools experimenting with making all boys and all-girls classrooms because of the continued success of schools that are all boys or all-girls. They find that this can be quite beneficial in teaching and learning, but interestingly they found that it was a complete failure in the school where the teachers that took on the all-boys classrooms were not trained and prepared for all boys. The same boys that behaved one way in a co-ed classroom were quite troublesome in an all boys environment and the teachers failed miserably! Hmmm...


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