Date night

Last night, Tim and I went on a date. Initially he called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Husker game. NIT tournament in Lincoln. My response I'm sure wasn't too enthusiastic, but mostly because I was emotionally exhausted from my naughty children, and the thought of leaving them with someone else, although somewhat appealing, was mostly frightening. I really didn't want to do that to anyone, especially Julia! When I told Julia later in the evening of his thoughts, she scolded me for not taking advantage. The basketball tickets by this time were gone, so we decided to just go out and do something else. We left the house at 7:15, two kids in bed, dinner cleaned up, and I felt pretty good about the situation being under control.

This is how sad we are: we got to the edge of Lincoln, and said, "Now what?" What to do on a Wednesday night in a town of a quarter of a million people??? We couldn't think of anything! We could still go to the game and see if there are any general admission tickets...that would get us home so late though, so no. We could go to sonic and get a chiller...we don't really need the extra calories, but we did decide that was probably a step up from other Taco John's dates. What about Barnes and Noble? No from Tim, as he was up until 4 am reading things for work. As I was trying to think of something, going to the fabric store popped into my mind, but I didn't suggest it. Why could this be so hard? Well, we had already eaten, we weren't hungry for dessert, we are too cheap to go to a movie, plus we didn't know what was showing, the bar scene is not appealing to either of us, and our brains just weren't prepared to think of anything out of the norm. The mall? No, we would be tempted to spend money we don't have. Then, out of Tim's mouth: "Do you want to go to the fabric store?" Really?? Well, sure! We went to Barnes and Noble to get a cup of coffee, and then actually sat and browsed a couple of magazines, and then proceeded to Joann's to look at patterns for dresses for Mattie. We only had about 20 minutes, because they were closing at 9:00, but I really like to do this sort of thing, and my husband was truly content just watching me enjoy myself. What a great guy! We went home after that and Julia laughed because we were gone less than 2 hours, but we had a needed break from the house, kids and work, and enjoyed doing mindless things. Now, Mattie had gotten up and into my eyeliner, so she had brown lines all over her lips, looking like someone tried to sew them shut...hmm...and the boys came downstairs 10 times with VERY unimportant things to say, but the night was good. We ended playing Solitare Frenzy with Julia before retreating to bed. It was a good date night...especially considering we're in the heart of tax season! It's a good life. :)