Palm Sunday

Today we went to church in Elmwood and it was relatively full. There have been a couple of times that we've gone and there weren't many people filling the pews. It's pretty hard not to notice us when we walk in anywhere, much less a church of a handful of families that probably know each other where we take up an entire pew. The palms were blessed and then handed out, and of course each one of our children had one in hand. Mattie had already taken her sweater off for the morning right after we sat down and then decided it was a little chilly and put it back on, inside out. It wasn't noticeable except the two tags sticking out, but that in addition to her boots being on the wrong feet and the palm leaf that she was peeling apart made it difficult to avoid a little extra attention. The other kids were all holding their palms in front of them and treating them carefully, but they are quite long and the kids didn't ever notice the fact that they were tickling the backs of necks and heads of the people in front of us. Palm Sunday is of course one of the longer masses of the year with the passion being read. Today was not one of those "beautiful family" days. I think daylight savings time contributes more than I like to think to upset schedules!

We are not a quiet family either and Mattie only has one volume on her voice. LOUD. She simply says what she wants in church or anywhere at any time. There is no discretion. Benjamin's response to anything she says is always "she's being mean to me"...and not quietly either.

The kids put on a play tonight which was their version of the Easter story. I'll give them credit, they've paid attention to something somewhere. There were a few details that need to be worked out, but for the most part they did a pretty great job. It was of course self-directed by Jakob who also was actor and narrator. The play started with the four oldest, but by the end, it also included an impromptu red power ranger.

Finally at 10:30 they are all quiet and in bed...not necessarily their beds, but in bed. One--the red power ranger-- is beside me and not asleep, so this story must end and hope to be finished another time in an effort to put Benjamin to sleep.