Naughty, naughty, naughty!

It has been four days now of over-the-top naughtiness. I'm not sure if I can pick just one child either. I sometimes joke with my friends about these kinds of times and how there must be a full moon or something, and they usually concur. The funny thing is that there usually IS a full moon! Last night when I went to bed, I didn't shut my curtains. When I'd finished reading, I shut my light off, and our room was illuminated by the light from outside...a full moon! I could have read by it! I thought this behavior was brought on by the fact that Friday night bedtime was pushed back to 9:00, Saturday there were no naps on account of we went to a movie in the afternoon and then proceeded to go to a benefit dinner for a friend making bedtime on Saturday night later as well. Sunday naps were missed because we went to Omaha to pick Julia up from the airport, Monday naps were missed because we went to Henderson to pick up our hog from the butcher...just goes to show that routine is SO important, and we really screwed up this one! Just think how that AND a full moon have affected our children!
We got a trampoline for Christmas, and with the arrival of warmer weather this week and Easter break, we decided to put it together yesterday. The kids got out of school at 12:30, so beginning at 1:30, we started assembling the parts. Just as soon as the last spring was holding the mat to the frame, it was being jumped on, but we weren't finished, so the kids were "encouraged" to stop jumping and wait. "WHATEVER!" I know that it must have been so hard, because quite honestly, I wanted to jump on it too! I mean, who could resist??? Well, in their excitement to open every part, we lost one little tiny nut, so we're not quite finished, but enough that they can use it safely. When we got to that point at 4:00, they were chomping at the bit to get on it, and I simply said, "No, sorry, not until tomorrow. You didn't listen, so you don't get to jump today." They were not exactly understanding, but after a few bursts of drama, everyone had moved on. The entire rest of the evening, my mind kept thinking, "No school tomorrow...I don't have to get out of bed!" This was more of one of those thoughts that I felt if I kept thinking it, it might come true! No such luck. No matter how late our kids will sleep on a day where we have to be somewhere, if there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, someone will be awake at the crack of dawn!! Yep! Benjamin, at 6:30 was ready to go outside. And why wouldn't he be? When he looked out the window, he saw Joshua out there jumping on the trampoline!!!!!!

Maybe they won't be so naughty today, and they'll get to exert all that extra energy on the trampoline before the weather changes back to winter tomorrow!