Eat my mud

It was 70 degrees today! School was out at 1:30, so we had the chance to enjoy the day, but it was already packed with other things, so we just went with the flow. Tuesdays is gymnastics, but not until 5:00, so I scheduled dentist appointments at 3:30, thinking I would be efficient and organized, but I had forgotten about the early dismissal, so we went to the Y in between. The kids got to play outside for a little while and I got to shoot baskets with Jakob for a while before my own workout. I usually work out in front of the tv section that airs TLC, NBC, and CMT, so today I got a dose of fantasy from CMT as I watched the final 19 of 40 most sexy country videos. I think I'll lock CMT here at home too. I had no idea that country music videos could provide soft porn to my children!!! Let me clarify that my fantasies were based just as much on the lyrics as on the video!! Being a multi-tasker, I took advantage of TLC during commercials and watched two families bring home their brand new babies, at which point my thought was "I can't wait to have another one...just as soon as I have the body of LeAnn Rimes, and that way it can be just like the CMT videos!

From the Y we went to the dentist. Benjamin fell asleep so we waited in the car for a while and then eventually went to wait in the office for Jakob and Mattie. No cavities! Yeah!! I owe them each $10, but that's a small price when you consider what it costs to fill a cavity these days. There is a basket of sugar-free mints on the receptionist's counter that is the kid-magnet. Benjamin of course never hesitates to explore his territory, so he always heads to their lounge area which is of course where the refrigerator is. This is not for the patients by the way. He also tried out the elevator by himself and helped himself to the prize drawer in one of the treatment rooms. He refused to stand or walk whenever I tried to pull him away from any of these "off-limits" situations, and we all know what that looks dragging a kid by his arm! The mom that was studying the every moves of my children at some point had to think "Lady, you need some serious help" She likely wondered why I didn't chase after Ben when he was in the elevator. Well, it only goes down one floor which is open to the second floor and clearly visible from the doorway of the office. Still, I could see her quietly questioning my level of responsibility regarding my children. They are likely always happy to see us leave. Joshua had to return to bring the TV remote control back as he walked out the door with it and didn't even notice. It sure doesn't take them long to learn to monopolize that little thing! Benjmain is the epitomy of the reason why they invented those little people leashes!! i should think about getting one of those.
Finally out of the dentists office, we went to a friends to borrow some shorts for gymnastics...I only asked four times if they all had gym clothes in their bags, I guess I should have actually checked. My bad! We stayed to play for a little while and then continued onto gymnastics, went for a walk, watched for a while and drove through Taco Johns. My justification for that was that it was SOOO nice out that I really wanted the kids to play outside right away when we got home, and that wouldn't happen if I had to make something.

We did play outside for a little over an hour too, so fast-food choice justified. In Nebraska winter isn't necessarily always cold. In fact no season is consistently anything. Less than a week ago it snowed, in fact on Thursday night. TOday we had 70 degree weather, so it is muddy to say the least. Everyone was playing so well that I took advantage of the situation to survey the bits of green coming up around us and sweep the front porch off. During that time, Joe walked toward the mud. I wouldn't be much longer, so at this point, even if he steps in it, we'll just have to clean it up. He, being an Andreasen boy, did more than just step in it. He sunk in it, slipped and slid in it, in fact he even ate it! Glad we have a mudroom with a sink in it!! He thoroghly enjoyed every bite of it. His shoes are four inches taller with mud, so the clean-up is still in progress. Thank goodness for baths!! That probably won't be a very fun diaper tomorrow.