A question for WEBSTER

Today we drove through the Piedmont neighborhood in Lincoln.  It is a very nice, but still older area of town boasting big and beautiful Tudor style homes that exude character.  It is a St. Teresa neighboorhood as well, and one that can accomodate larger families because of the sizes of the homes.  We often explore this area to fuel our daydreams of moving back.  They must remain daydreams for now, because those houses still exceed our price range.  There were a few sporting for sale signs today.  One that has been on the market for exactly three years without success and another right across the street, and one that is just being built right next door.  The three houses together are listed for more than a million dollars.  I do long to be back in Lincoln.  To have a house that wreaks with character and charm just because of the architecture.  To be closer to all the conveniences that I miss when I'm in Eagle...the closeness of church and school, the ability to go home before heading to whatever the evening holds, to afford the luxery of running back home to pick up a forgotten something or leaving 5 minutes before needing to arrive somewhere instead of 30. 

All of the thoughts that go along with this sometimes turn into obsession:  "Here's a house, and here too, and maybe we could figure out how to afford this one for $429,000."  STOP right there.  Yep, I think obsession is right.  We would have to be out of our minds to move back only to double our mortgage without increasing our income.  We've already determined that we couldn't save enough money by moving back to compensate for much.  The thoughts continue to roll to the point that I am thinking how my friends homes are furnished...what kind of cute architectual detail their homes hold, how their lives must be easier and free from anxiety because they live closer.  Am I coveting my neighbor? 

I asked Tim, "do you think the word satisfied is the same as content?  I think they're different, because I am satisfied, just not necessarily content.  I would jump at the opportunity to move back, but I would miss many things from our current home and location.  I like my house, I just don't love it like I think I could love another 100 year old home, like I loved my 2 story salt box home in Crete or even my little 1 1/2 story Craftsman bungalow in Lincoln.  I must remind myself that even while at those two homes, I had a project or was in the midst of concocting a project to change something about the house or yard.  I am happy and i am satisfied, but am I content?  I hope I will be if I'm not yet.