The Greener Grass

We went to Colorado for Bobby's wedding over the weekend.  Tim was unable to go with us, but Julia was, so that was again a huge blessing.  We left Thursday after school was out and went to Scottsbluff for the night and then on the road to CO the next morning.  I like traveling (I don't care for the packing) and especially with family.  In this case we were driving behind my mom and dad and three of the kids.  I also like traveling to Colorado.  I realized this once again almost immediately upon crossing the Wyoming/Colorado border.  The sky is different in CO.  I've said this before and confirmed that statement upon seeing the bright sun shine in the cloudless sky blue sky with the snow-capped mountains creating a stunning backdrop.  My heart was happy.  i know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.  It's not too different than when the sun finally shines here.  My heart is always happy when the sun shines bright. 

Feeling this way made me wonder why??  I finally thought that it is due to good memories of Colorado.  I don't have any bad ones there I guess.  My memories are linked to family vacations, volleyball tournaments, skiing, travel by plane (which is always exciting to me) and one of my long clinical rotations.  The latter one probably secured my lust for this state.  It is definitely an outdoors state.  Not that Nebraska isn't.  This of course led my train of thought to my earlier question regarding contentment and satisfaction.  I've said for 20+ years that I would like to live in Colorado.  Living there would get us closer to my family, closer to the mountains, apparently closer to the sunshine, give us new adventure, etc, etc.  It is obvious that the grass is greener on the Colorado side of this fence. 

The verdict?  We live in eastern Nebraska.  We are not moving anytime soon.  I am satisfied with my home, my house, my days/nights, and when the sun comes out, I will be satisfied with the sky too.  :)  I do really like Colorado...not the Buffalos, I would remain a BIG RED HUSKER fan for sure.  For now, we'll have to visit more frequently maybe.