Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy 10th birthday Joshua.  Wow...ten years.  Let's see, ten years ago (well, ten years and a day ago) I went to the doctor because your due date was approaching and it was my day off from work--a Wednesday.  He examined me (and you) and said, "Why don't you meet me at the hospital later today and have a baby?"  WHAT??  No, I'm not ready!  I remember I went to Aunt Tamera's house to wait and see what might happen so that I would be closer to the hospital just in case and then calling the doctor back and saying, "Not today, how about tomorrow?"  Everything was set.  Since my body indicated it was really very close to being ready for your arrival, we scheduled the next morning to go to the hospital and have a baby.  I really needed another night with Jakob...one last night before I was the mom of two instead of just one.  I was worried about how I would be able to love another baby as much as I loved Jakob...how does that happen?  Well, I can confidently tell you that God gives moms (and dads too) big enough hearts to love each of their children completely. 

You were born in the afternoon on Thursday, March 2.  If I remember right, it was three days before your due date.  (I need to look that one up to be sure!)  It's a boy!  I hope that someday you get to experience the flood of pure joy that takes over your body when you meet your child for the first time.  There aren't words that are beautiful enough to describe the overwhelming feelings at that moment.  I feel like a broken record to say that I can't believe that was ten years ago.  Time goes by so quickly.

You have just finished up basketball.  You're very good, although it isn't entirely appealing to you because you don't enjoy the conditioning part of it enough to think the game is worth playing.  I hope you change your mind...it is a lot of fun to watch you play.  You enjoy normal boy things...video games, TV, music...you really like country music and it amazes me how well you know the lyrics and artists to so many songs.  I look forward to taking you to a concert someday. 

You are still the child with the big heart.  You were given an award for something along those lines in preschool...you've always had a huge heart...and a happy heart.  You have a beautiful smile with dimples that will break hearts someday.  Currently, you are a little smitten with Grace Thiesen in your class.  The mere mention of her name makes those dimples pop out.  You share a room with Jonathan and Benjamin and sometimes you really enjoy it and other times you absolutely don't.  You are the best about offering me a hug out of the blue...trying to help me with my resolution to hug each of you daily at the beginning of the day.  You also are great about asking "How was your day?"  I love these things about you.  (And so many other things too).  As a fourth grader, you weigh almost 90 pounds, stand almost 5 feet tall, wear a size 12 clothes, size 6 shoe.  Stop growing already!!

I love you Joshua...you're my favorite Joshua in the whole world!  Happy 10th birthday.