Farewell BABS

Sunday after church we went to eat at an old favorite...a current favorite actually.  Somewhere that we frequent so much that it almost seems you could call it a tradition.  If we do go out for dinner after church, it is always on the choice list, and I would say 90% of the time, it is the top pick.  They've made serving lunch to a crowd of family and friends for special events much easier with their delicious bagel platters, muffins and coffee.  We've gone in, sat down and stayed, gone in, sat down and left before ordering, parked and sent one person in to grab something to go.  It was the place that Amelia and I went when we had an entire morning to ourselves.  It was the place that we went to have breakfast the morning Mathilda was born and the place we go when family is here.  I'm sure we've sampled every bagel, every muffin, most soups and every kind of coffee.  It is the place that people would watch us when we did stay because we would need to take up an entire row of tables and there were only three rows plus a few single tables scattered.  The majority of the time, it was where we were sure to hear, "You have a beautiful family!".  In fact, eating there became so familiar that we had a routine down pat:  Go in, everyone sit down, grab a seat for the baby, politely let mom know what you want, sit while she orders, wait patiently, pray before eating, and then usually swap one half of your bagel sandwhich for one half of someone elses so you could have two flavors.
Our kids have kind of grown up there, feeling like it is a "down-home" place, familiar and comforting.  It is where we go...or now, where we went.  It was always one of the first places that they would recognize and know what it was...we would drive by and they would say, "Look, there's Big Apple Bagel", because they saw the sign. 

We will have to figure something else out for next month's first communion celebration for Jonathan.  No bagel sandwhich platter this time.  We'll have to find a replacement for that quick dozen bagels and two tubs of cream cheese (and the couple cups of coffee that Tim and I would sneak in on the drive home).  The store is closing not due to lack of business, but rather due to a rather unfortuneate business decision on the part of the property landlord.  We're sad that they won't be relocating. 

We will miss Big Apple Bagels.  I'm sure we will find another favorite, and make new memories.  BIG APPLE has been our place to go for almost 10 years.  I will not forget my regular order of pineapple walnut cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel.  Farewell BABS!  We're so sad to see you go!