Making it easier

There are a lot of things that are designed to "make it easier".  What?  Everything.  You name it, and there is something that will make it easier.  I could list hundreds of things that I've thought I need to have, a pretty big list of things that I've gotten that didn't actually provide the magical transition, and then a smaller, but very important list of things that really did make things easier.  The wood floors for instance...I would do that over again and again.  A sand box, a bucket to carry water to the animals, a hook over the top of the door to hold purses and bags...usually what I'm always looking for is something to make my everyday just make more sense to enjoy.  That typically involves organizational items.  Today's "make-it-easier" item?


I have been wanting a treadmill (a real treadmill, one that can be run on, one that isn't so small you trip because the belt isn't long enough for your stride...a gym treadmill) for years and years.  Thirteen years ago or longer, we bought a nice weight bench.  Ten years ago we bought a bike trainer.  Seven years ago or so, we bought a cross country ski machine.  Five years ago, we acquired a treadmill that worked well to walk on, but not for running.  We have been building a mini home gym...that didn't see consistant use.  Tim would tell me that it didn't make sense to invest because we don't use what we have.  (I didn't really think any of it offered "ease-of-use")  I really enjoy working out at the gym, and thoroughly enjoy running with someone, but seven kids later, it is challenging to do so, and for several years, I've had the opinion that the gym memebership didn't make a lot of sense, and that it would be so much easier to stay home and work out.  I got the same answer from my husband as I know would've come from my dad:  run's nice out.  ARRRGH! 

Through a well thought out justification process, I finally managed to convince Tim that it would be to our benefit to cancel the gym memebership and use the money we save to buy a nice treadmill. To clarify, I don't consider this nagging until he gives in.  Fitness is important, and it gets harder and harder to make running or working out happen. 

Yesterday, our new treadmill arrived...all 300 pounds of it, on a semi-truck.  Tim and I carried it downstairs piece by piece and finally the super heavy deck and I assembled it in a couple of hours.  It is a monster compared to our other "home gym" pieces.  It is so nice!  It is quiet, accomodates heavier weights, higher speeds, has a cushioned major bells and whistles, but I can RUN on it.  I have intentions of running the Lincoln half marathon this year, and now I probably better not find excuses not to.  I don't think this will make losing weight or waking up early or eating right easier, but it will make running more fun than it was and I won't have sick kids from child care at the gym.  Maybe it will be the start of a home gym conversion that will serve us well for many years to come as our children get older and begin to value exercise that is training rather than just play.  (For the sake of what my dad's arguement would be about this, I do not disregard the benefit of the great exercise that comes from physical work--and play--outside and do not wish to replace it, just wanting to make it easier during the times when that is more challenging to do).  :)