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A couple of weeks ago, Julia and I set a "movie night" into motion. What could have been just a relaxing evening of the two of us girls catching some old chick flicks, transpired into a highly anticipated girls night. We decided that it would be fun to have a mini-marathon of classic motion pictures and dinner with friends--and friends were actually quite excited to come too!

Last night the 50 inch flat screen came off the wall downstairs and made the trek upstairs to sit atop its platform. We thought upstairs would be a more comfortable environment than down...bathrooms, know, all the essentials conveniently located just steps away, plus no smelly laundry room or whatever is lurking in the carpet. We rearranged to focus all the available furniture toward the centrally located TV. It's actually kind of fun to be able to cook and see the TV at the same time someone in the living room is watching too. I'm sure we won't get to used to it before it returns to its proper home. Kind of tempting to put the little TV there and just have it hooked up to a DVD player since there is no cable outlet. It would make it easier to carry out the "no TV" idea through the summer. :)

Dinner in the oven, candy all in bowls, soda chilling in ice, popcorn ready to be popped, children and husband out the door for their own adventure tonight. (I have the best husband by the way!) Everything is ready to go...just waiting for the friends.

More to come later...