Father Joe

Little people are so good at playing make believe.  I love watching them and listening to them.  Sometimes it is a rude awakening, like when they're playing house and the mom says, "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, now knock it off!"  Oops!  :)  They can be so imaginative and always so innocent.  They just play it how they see it and their roles are so convincing.  They are wonderful little imitaters of what they see often. 

Recently Joseph has been walking up to anyone with almost anything edible in his hand, standing in front of them and pushing the piece of food up to the unsuspecting recipients lips with a very cute, "Body of Cwist.  Now you say Amen."  Yesterday it was sunflower seeds at the baseball game.  Do you think anyone suspected we are Catholic?  :)  Other times it has been Fruit Loops or tortilla chips.  This morning it was strawberries.    Maybe he's practicing.  "Father Joe" has a nice ring to it.