Last Day of School

Thursday, May 27th…the last day of school and the official start of summer vacation. We are as ready as the kids. End-of-the-year teachers gifts eagerly given, year books signed, snap shots to commemorate the earned promotion to the next grade and preserve the memories of the now previous one.  We celebrated outstanding report cards (One with all A's, two with all A's and one B and two with Doing Wells and Highly Satisfactories) at Valentino's before heading home after the ultra short day (dismissal was at 10 am).

Benjamin and Miss Monson

Mathilda and Mrs. Hraban
Jon and Sister Mary Maximillian

Joshua and Mrs. Sullivan

Jakob and Miss Hoeller

Principal Sister Mary Ceclia

It’s always exciting when we reach this point…and then it is exciting again when we reach the start of the new school year. Even though the start of the school year is exciting, the end of the summer isn’t as much, and as we start to look at our calendars to plan different things during this beloved break, August 19th sneaks up on us before we even conclude May! Oh, the things we will look forward to in the next 10 weeks.

There is 6 weeks of baseball left…2 weeks longer than the length of time Jakob will need to be in a cast. There will likely still be no more baseball for him though this summer. He dons a bright orange full arm cast that is already adorned with the names of teammates, but has two reserved spots…one for Therese and one for Miss Hoeller.

We will swim and mow and garden and go on “ride bikes” (Joseph’s term for bike rides). We will build fires in the fire pit and roast marshmallows. We will play outside until the sun sets and then continue to enjoy the fireflies and the way the darkness makes the humid air seem less sticky and hot. We’ll trade lace-up shoes for flip-flops and watch tan lines emerge as the sun kisses our skin, and baths will be necessary every night to erase the dirt from our toes. We will sleep in a little later and have more picnics. We will carouse the farmer’s market and savor fresh summer produce, sneak in a short camping trip and visit Cowboy Grandma and Grandpa for a week. On some days, we’ll soak up the summer sun and on other days we’ll close all the shades and retreat to the cool basement for a lazy day of movie watching. We’ll be busy, but it’s a different busy than the rest of the year. It’s more laid back. There is less emphasis on getting to bed on time, and more family time. We absorb the beauty around us a little more. Realistically, there isn’t any reason we couldn’t do that year ‘round, it’s just easier in the summer.

Welcome summertime!