Vanity Smurf

Joshua is such a handsome boy...and we've noticed lately that he is aware of this too. It is funny sometimes because we'll catch himself looking at himself in the window as we play a game at the table...he is quite the GQ model too...striking the funniest poses to take pictures. He is age 8, he has the most muscular little body, and with his chisled dimples, his bleached out surfer hair and his tan little body, he is a cutie patootie for sure! He certainly is going to be the charmer...the heart breaker. I'm sure he'll get his heart broken somewhere along the way too. He is smitten with a girl in his class, and has been since last year. Olivia. She has a little crush on him too as told by her brother who is in Jakob's class. Olivia's mom shared with me the other day that Olivia had a slumber party and as they were driving to Blockbuster to get a movie, the girls were giggling about something, and finally revealed that they were talking about Josh Andreasen. "He's so cute and he's so nice, but he likes Olivia!" They just think he's the best Carrie said. We chuckled about it, but I thought it was neat that they all thought so much of him, even if it is in the third grade. He does get a little full of himself sometimes and has to be reminded that he is something, but he's not "all-that". :) Oh my, the years to come will be so full of adventure!