Counting my blessings

Last weekend when we went to church, Tim was reading and I was selling SCRIP, so I just went ahead and sat in the cry room, knowing I would end up there anyway with Joe. Jakob was serving, Josh was sitting by himself and the rest of the kids were with me in the cry room. For the most part, whenever I have all of the little ones by myself and I'm not actually in the sanctuary, it's kind of hard to focus on the readings, much less the homily. Sunday however, I heard the homily completely. There are times that I feel like the homily is directed at me...right at me, like I must be the reason it was written. The timing is always perfect..."Thanks God!" :) Sunday was no different. In fact, I mentioned it to Tim and he agreed...he thought it was directed to me also! Geesh!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching our new neighbors complete their house, move in, landscape, etc. It's been hard not to, as I have a complete view of all the comings and goings and goings on from my kitchen window at which I stand often doing dishes, prepping meals, etc. I have watched all the contractors come and go, the moving truck the first day, the bigger one the second day, the Nebraska Furniture Mart one the next day, then a grand piano, followed by the delivery of a brand new John Deere riding mower with wagon, and other accessories. Then, they planted 8 foot trees up both sides of their drive way and around the yard, plants around the house, and THEN, the truck with big rolls of sod pulled up and left them with a plush green carpet in the front and back. Next came the black fence in the back yard, more professional landscaping and the porch furniture.

It wasn't too hard to get caught up in all the great things that they have and the fact that we don't have them. It's not like this is the first time this has ever happened either. It seems pretty easy to become consumed by what we don't have instead of counting our blessings. I could expand on the details of the homily, but in a nutshell, Father said this, "Stop looking at what everyone else has and comparing. Recognize the blessings that God has given you and be content with them.

Today at MOPS, the speaker was a financial planner. He based his entire talk on scripture and was quick to point out that so many people are living above their means and part of the reason why is because it is too easy to overlook our own blessings and dwell on those of others. I think I am the target of a message...the intended recipient of a loud message.