No more curls

Saturday we had our family pictures taken, and Tim recalled that at one point I replied to his plea to cut Joe's hair that after our pictures he could cut it. He was so excited to hold me to that statement. Sunday evening, Tim pulled out the scissors and sat Joe down in his chair to commence the clipping! I snapped a few pictures, knowing that this would be the last of the curls. When I cut Ben's curls, they didn't ever come back. I found myself almost teary watching those little curls fall to the floor. "Now you can look like a boy Joe", Tim said. I watched as my baby transformed into a little boy, almost as if he grew up instantly with each clip. Indeed he looks like a boy now, but until I get used to it, he resembles my little Joseph. I know I'll have days when I demand or beg my boys to cut their hair, but those little curls were so precious, and I fear they'll never return. Maybe if this next baby is a girl, she'll have curls. Poor Mattie...she has the thinnest, straightest hair of all the kids!