Saturday was kind of a lazy day. We celebrated Jakob's birthday Friday night with his friends, so it was kind of a late night to bed for everyone and sleeping in a bit on Saturday morning felt really good. We got up and didn't do much more than eat breakfast, clean the house and fold the clothes. It had been raining for three days straight, so working or playing outside wasn't really an option, although finally around 2:00, the sun came out, the rain stopped, the wind stopped and the kids went out to play on the wet grass, which was fine considering they needed the break outside as much as we needed them to go outside! Tim had been home at this point for three days because he had surgery on Thursday, and was still not doing the best, but every four hours or so when the pain meds kicked in, he felt better.

Our plan for the weekend was to go to church Saturday afternoon because Sunday we were going to Seward. Tim, his dad, Todd and Jim were golfing in a scramble and the girls and the kids were going out for lunch and then later in the day, celebrating Jakob's birthday with the family. We left for church about 3:15, and by 5:00 when it was over, Tim was hurting again, but we needed to take Mattie to the doctor because she had developed a stye on her eye and it was hurting her. (We planned to do this anyway, so it wasn't a surprise) The Husker game was scheduled to start at 6:00. Tim has gone to the last two (the first two of the season) and he was really wanting to go to this one too, but I think realized that he would have never been able to sit through it. The games haven't been aired on TV unless they're purchased on PPV. He was overly anxious to get home for two reasons...the game and to lay down.

From the doctor, we had to go to the pharmacy, and by the time we started home, it was ten minutes until 6:00 and we had a 20 minute drive. We of course by this time were listening to the radio to the pregame. The tunnel walk started as we were about 5 miles from home, so the volume was turned up...I mean UP...and everyone was excited in the car. Tim is a die-hard Husker fan. There's not a lot that he really does other than be a Husker fan anymore, so I don't stand much in the way of anything he wants to do during this season, and when he gets excited, it's fun for the kids too. I can't imagine growing up in Nebraska, especially in Lincoln and not having Husker fever flowing through your veins, so I don't discourage the "rowdiness" or Husker craziness either. At the game during the tunnel walk, everyone uses their arms to make crossbones to represent the defensive blackshirts and they knock their forearms together to the beat of the music. Tim of course was doing this to the BLARING music and the kids were following suit...then Joe did it with a huge smile on his face! It was the funniest thing I've seen yet! This little one year old, strapped in a car seat, arms crossed in front of him, knocking them together, smiling and nodding his head back and forth as he was getting into the excitement of theh Huskers!

When we got home, the game was on TV before I even walked through the door. Now, most of the kids' excitement fizzled by about half-way through the first quarter, but Tim and Jakob were glued. I made the announcement that we could turn the TV into the kitchen for supper, but NO ONE would be eating in the living room. ONLY a Husker game could allow something so against the rules! The kids thought it was pretty cool that we had the TV in the kitchen and wondered if we could do that more often...NOT A CHANCE. Like the TV doesn't get turned on way too much anyway...not during our most important mealtime! :) By the end of the game, three kids were in bed and four more (this includes Tim) were watching the last of the game, dinner still left on the table, and me to everyone's surprise not caring that I would have to wake up to the mess. (The boys cleaned it all up after I went to bed...very nice surprise). I guess when you're a Husker, this is part of what it's all about this time of year! GO BIG RED!