There are lots of goings-on right now.  The pace is rapid, and sometimes close to non-stop, yet we are not alone.  99% of families experience the same thing from time to time.  That is not a proven statistic...more like one that I made up that just makes me feel better.  I know that things are busier than usual because of my tell-tale, very scientific calculator:  dinner.  It has been out of a box--like a cereal box, or out of a bag--from a fast food place, or from a plastic container from a deli...basically anything that doesn't require me to do anything but reheat or just put it on the table.  I even took a meal to a friend that was largely purchased, not home-made.  My kids have asked me if anything is wrong because I haven't cooked for so long! 

It is just busy...and not the normal extreme-busy that we are used to every now and again...we've added another dimension.  We bought a house.  That isn't the busy part, rather the idea that now we will try to sell ours, and to do that, we must make it look like nine people don't live here, or that we do live here, but magazine-layout-style-living.  It is not an easy task for me to keep our house clean, much less fix all the little things that once bothered me, but then I became oblivious that those "imperfections" existed. 

The sharpie mural on a wall, the evidence that drywall does NOT stop a knee approaching at a high speed, the finger-print light filter that was applied to the windows to reduce visibility into our home--and out.  There are stacks of boxes, and other accumulated STUFF, even though we've only lived here seven years.  Consider for a moment, that most people usually have more than one pair of shoes...everyday, dress, snowboots, flipflops.  For some, that may be minimal.  Add to it baseball cleats, basketball hightops, dress boots, old shoes for mowing, etc, and then multiply by nine.  That's a lot of shoes!!  Now, think about coats and hats and clothing; baby gear, camping gear, Chirstmas decorations, bedding...there is just a lot of stuff. 

I remember when we moved here.  I was so excited to be moving into a big house with lots of room...maybe it would be easier to clean.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!  It was a nice thought, but never really panned out for me.  I think I just found more space to shove stuff.  I'm not in real danger of needing intervention from Hoarders or anything that extreme, but it is ridiculous how much we have that isn't necessary.  It is also ridiculous how many things are acceptable for us to appreciate our home that we feel aren't acceptable for others to be able to appreciate our home.  We of course have found ourselves fixing, updating, remodeling, painting, landscaping and generally sprucing everything up--for someone else! 

We aren't moving because we don't love our home.  We do very much like our home and the location...we just need to simplify.  What I mean is that we don't spend a lot of time at home because we are always sitting in a car waiting for something.  We just need to be closer to the things that take up most of our time.  In an ideal situation, those things would be five minutes or less from this home on an acerage.  I guess that is why we thoroughly enjoy the summer...because our situation is ideal during that season. 
The house that we're moving to is three blocks from school, which will be a drastic life-style change.  It is cute--the style that comforts me--old!  Old, with character.  It has wood floors and big wood mop boards and small octagonal tile floors in the bathroom with a pedastal sink.  It is cozy, and I'm excited about it.

 It is small.  The whole house is the size of our current main floor.  It will be a challenge, but one that we are up for.  I think there is much to be said about simplifying.  Not that we were thinking this extreme, but it is a stepping stone.  I welcome the opportunity to grow through this.  I am nostalgic.  I am thrifty.  It is difficult to throw things away or not take advantage of a bargain.  I prefer to repurpose and save things for someday--just in case I may need them.   The result--STUFF.  I am a little worried about my emotional attachment to our current home.  I'm glad for it though because when we first moved in, I doubted that I would ever grow to love it as much as our previous home.  I have.  I am therefore encouraged that it can happen again. 

Most people evolve into a bigger home.  We are going in the opposite direction, but still evolving none-the-less.  Much adventure ahead!!  But hopefully the lack of home-cooked meals will come to an end.  Pray for us during this transition.  :)