Gearing up

Lincoln Journal Star photo

The months before the Lincoln Half Marathon were spent in hard-core training.  I jest.  You can be sure I don't run for the exercise, rather for the company I keep while running (and so I can have an extra brownie!)  There is a most wonderful group of friends that run together, and we make the most of it, including our routine Saturday morning Scooters run, where we meet before the sun rises, run and then gather to sit and sip coffee and compare notes on our wild week.  Some of us meet up again during the week a time or two to get in some more miles, but the draw is always the fellowship more than the extra miles. 

We have enjoyed many celebrations on these Saturdays...birthdays and baby showers, and lots of  "just becauses".  I've completely enjoyed running with my friends, even when it means we need to get in a "long run" of 10 miles.  The week before the big race this year, we made our long run begin 10 miles from our home and then everyones families met us at our destination for breakfast together. 

What a great way to end a long run.  Who wouldn't want to run when this is what waits at the end?  Of course the kids completely out number the adults and it was such a joy to watch them all run around and play tag while we were all keeping warm by the fire!

The training doesn't stop there though!  Of course we needed to fuel up again closer to the race, so our good friends hosted a wonderful "Carb-fest" the night before the race.  I love that it doesn't phase any of us to have a bazillion kids running all over the place...or standing in line waiting for food!

The early hours of the morning before the race, the lightning and thunder clapped hard and the rain blew down hard, but by race-time, all was cool and cloudy without a drop of rain and by mid-race it was sunny and Eastern-Nebraska-humid!  A good day to run 13.1.
Lincoln Journal Star photo

  Several of us started out together and my dear friend Lisa stuck by me to the end, even though I know she could have probably done laps around me and still finished well before me.  At about mile 10, my stomach began to rumble and I didn't feel so great.  It didn't help at all that I kept seeing signs that said things like "...don't poop--I mean STOP", and "your feet are tired from kicking so much butt...don't poop."  WHAT???  It is funny now.  :)  (I didn't poop my far as you know!)

The race itself is amazing...from the 10,000 runners lined up to start, to the people cheering along the course, to the support and aid along the way and even at the finish.  It is truly exhilarating.  Even feeling like I was going to puke at the end, I still managed to shave about 7 minutes off of my previous time...thanks LISA! 

It was a good weekend for sporting events. Saturday brought the first track meet of the season, and Sunday the first of a slew of baseball games. Both of these involved the two older boys. It was fun to go to each and see more than one child compete. They did great! Josh placed first in three events, and Jakob in two, and then on Sunday they won their ball game, Josh pitching and Jakob batting for the cycle (hitting a single, double, triple and home run in one game). Technically, he hit a single, a triple, a double and then a home run on errors...but we're ok with that technicality!)

Staying cool on a hot day at the meet.

Good job boys. 

And then at the end?  A full moon to close out the weekend.