Heavy Metal (Medal)

Proud Grandpa!  He is always eager to attend a grandchild's event!

I enjoy sports.  I loved playing and competing all through the many years of school, from grade school through grad school, and I still enjoy competing, even though the level of my ability has changed.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't perform nearly the same on a volleyball court, but I can still run, and shoot hoops in the driveway and play catch.  I'm glad that my kids enjoy competing too.  While I would be completely fine if they didn't, I'm excited to enjoy something with them that allows me to connect with them in one more way. 
8th grade 4x100 relay team

I've promised myself that I will always be a good spectator.  Not obnoxious, not overbearing...no threat of being kicked out for fighting with the officials, no yelling at anyone...but cheering I will do!  I'm glad that I enjoy it, because it could get to be a long year if I didn't, considering each of the kids enjoy some sport or another.  At this point, only one sport per season is allowed, largely because that is all we can keep up with and frankly because I don't want to try to keep up with more. 
6th grade 4x100 relay team

Track and baseball overlap each other a little, but considering the short length of the track season, I suppose you could call these few weeks an exception.  Track was a lot of fun this year, because both Jakob and Joshua competed.  We will get to do this every few years when we have two in jr. high at the same time. 

We learned that Joshua is fast.  In fact, within his competition, he was the fastest to run the 100 and the 200 meter races!  Who knew??

 In two preliminary meets, he had the fastest times in each event, but the competition was very close behind.  His final 100 meter race was a nail-biter and came right down to the tape at the finish line.  He won by less than 1/10th of a second...in fact there was less than 1/2 second between 1st place and 8th place! 

The 200 was a little more decisive, as was the 400 relay that he ran on.  Jakob also ran on a 400 m relay team that broke the school record, and he learned that he is a good shot put thrower...although 1st place went to an 8th grader that threw 9 feet farther than 2nd place!! 

Track meets were started and finished in one week, so it was indeed a quick season, but much fun indeed.  Meets are always a lot of fun, and a whole family event to boot, not to mention the fact that we get to see friends from other schools.  Some friends that the kids have known since they were born!
These guys went home with a lot of metal--medals!  We used to take pictures of them together all the time when they were babies!  The oldest two are three weeks apart (due a week apart) and the next two are a few months apart.  I'm sure there will be many fun high school years that they'll get to play for the same school! 

The boys came home with four gold medals.  Great job boys!  We're proud of you always--gold medals or not!  :)