That Day in May

Back in the fall, we were giddy to calculate that our projected due date for baby #8 was the same day as Tim's 40th birthday!  How exciting to think that date would share two milestone celebrations.  Now, in reality, the chances of the baby actually arriving on that day were slim to none considering none of our kids have ever arrived on their due date, but it was still exciting to know that they would be so close. 

In November, we realized that we wouldn't get to celebrate the birth of the baby due to miscarriage, but we knew that we would still celebrate her little soul on Tim's birthday each year. 

To combine the two, we went to the cemetery where Annelise is burried, prayed in thanksgiving for our family and for all departed souls and sang happy birthday to Tim.  We had planned a little picnic there, but Tim really wanted to grill at home, so per his birthday request, we had dinner at home, but dessert first.

Birthday pie and fizzy Izzie "sodas" graveside.  I realize it is not really a normal place to celebrate a birthday, but I think it will likely become a tradition that we'll adopt to celebrate a wonderful daddy a sister that they'll get to meet someday.

 We still don't have a stone to mark the actual grave, but thanks to a wonderful friend, we are a step closer with a remnant piece of granite that can be salvaged from a broken headstone to create a marker for Annelise.  Because the baby that we lost in March was not "found", he is not burried, but we will remember him on the stone when it is created. 

Tim's birthday "cake" (pie) was totally in line with how my cooking style has been as of late: NOT homemade! It was tasty though, and the kids thought that the way we ate it was totally fun. Nine spoons in a pie...ready, set...done! And then home, where a hot dinner was compliments of the birthday boy.

 We intended to send paper lanterns into the sky with each of our prayer intentions, but the wind was blowing mightily.  It didn't stop blowing for nine more evenings to allow us to light them.

 Last night, in the midst of friends, and on Memorial day, we sent a couple of them up into a chilly night sky. 

My dear friend Kristi invited me to coffee in the morning, remembering that it was Annelise's due date and gave me a little rose for our rose in Heaven.  So thoughtful and meaningful.  We reminisced how her losing their little Joseph is what led the two of us to a valuable and beautiful friendship.  It seems funny to say that I am grateful for Joseph for just that reason, but it is true.  Thank you Kristi for remembering. 


Happy birthday Tim!  We love you.