I must confess, I haven't done much in the way of cooking this summer.  I'm sure that hot dogs, cold cut sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly don't constitute cooking.  Very rarely, I would grill the sandwiches or use Nuttela and strawberries to make a more gourmet sandwich, or even make pancakes or french toast which made my kids think there was an occasion or something.  I can count on less than two hands the number of meals that my family considered home-cooked.  That's just what happens during baseball season, and even when we didn't have games, I think I was just wiped out and the thought of making something was last on my list!

I'm still not too enthused about cooking...it's a little hot outside to feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but our family had no where to be tonight--all day actually, and when I went to work in the garden, I discovered that our sweet corn was ready!!!  Oh, happy day!  We've harvested cucumbers, green beans, a handful of onions and herbs, and early on, some lettuce, peas and spinach.  It really is gratifying to reap such produce after the hard work of cultivating and nurturing it.  So...tonight's dinner was simple and so satisfying.  I was told it was the best meal we've had all summer, and the corn was the best corn ever eaten.  Farm-fresh beef and home-grown green beans, pickles, onions and of course that succulent corn on the cob!  Mmmmmm!!!  Live nearby??  Come get some--seriously--come pick some!

How do you eat your corn off the cob??  Typewriter style?  Around and around?  A little of both??  We're a multi-style family.  Me?  I am strictly an "around and around" corn eater.  The rest of the family?  See for yourself:

 One full type-writer row followed by around and around until the finish.
 Type-writer with a random spiral thrown in.

 No rhyme or reason what-so-ever.
 Half a type-writer, followed by around and around and then clean up the gaps.
 Not quite sure...it was all there one second and then just completely gone the next second...inhalation??
 Very random!


Around and around mixed with type-writer.

Twenty one ears of corn--we thought we picked too many, but clearly we did not pick enough!  And...we at a half-gallon of pickles too!  I think we had our daily fiber!!  :)