Just the Facts

There are probably hundreds of things that happen every day in our home or our lives that are comical, pleasing, frustrating, annoying, and even embarassing that really never get talked about.  They're trivial little snippets, but sometimes they tell a big story too!  They're just the facts...plain and simple, no sugar coating, straight-up facts.

1.  We drove 15 miles to a nearby town the other night to look for a lost shoe.  Not just any shoe, a fairly new Croc that belongs to Amelia.  I know we had it at a ball game there Wednesday night, and after looking everywhere for it, I decided it must have dropped somewhere.  An unsuccessful search of the park surrounding the field left me disappointed, until I decided to look in the trash can.  Sure enough, right there on top!  Someone must have taken it to the concession stand and when the final game of the tournament had been played and it hadn't been claimed, it was tossed!  Hallelujah!  (Now we can't find the other one!)

2.  I have a bar of lavendar rosemary soap in my Suburban--as an air freshener!  I'm not sure what the smell is, but it's not pleasant, so the soap is helping a little.

3.  My twelve-year-old asked if we could attend daily Mass last week, so we did.  My 6-year-old asked this morning as we were getting ready to go again:  "Can we take a break from church??"

4.  My husband has been gone for eight of the last nine nights, and as soon as he came home tonight, I left to go have dinner with a couple of dear friends--one in from out of town.

5.  Amelia waves a little "hi...how-are-ya" wave to everyone she sees, and replies "I love you too" when someone shares their affection for her. 

6.  I have six baskets of laundry waiting to be folded in the living room.

7.  I brought home a couch from a friend's neighbors garbage, to which one of the kids commented, "Why does all of our furniture come from the trash??"

8.  We have not yet been to the swimming pool this summer, but the grass under the trampoline is lush because of the constant sprinkler that is on while the kids jump on it. 

9.  I canned 20 quarts of pickles this weekend.  I'm sure we'll eat half of them before July is over.

10.  I made hot cocoa today despite the outside temps being in the 90s because I was desperate for comfort food.