Saints in the Summertime--St. Blaise

Well, so far we've picked snacks based on the chosen saint, but this time we picked the saint based on the chosen snack...or rather, the snack was the reason for picking St. Blaise. Benjamin was instantly sold when he saw a picture of candle stick cookies made with we learned about St. Blaise.


 St. Blaise was born to a rich and noble family and raised a Christian. He became a bishop and had a vision that God told him to go to the wilderness to avoid persecution. While he was there, he made friends with the wild animals and helped to heal the ones who were sick. One day hunters came through the woods and came upon his cave where he was kneeling down praying with wild animals waiting patiently around him. They recognized him as a bishop and arrested him and took him to the governor who insisted that he worship pagan idols. When he refused, he was beaten, later tortured and then finally beheaded. Before his martyr death, a woman brought her sick child that was choking on a fish bone to him and Blaise healed him. He is known as the patron saint of those with throat disease and wild animals. In the church blessed candles are used to offer a blessing of the throat on or around his Feb. 3 feast day.

 Benjamin had fun telling the story of Blaise, and of course everyone enjoyed the snacks.
 The wild animal craft was a hit too, but also a reminder of how challenging it is to explain instructions to a wide range of ages all the while the baby is having fun scattering beads about the dining room! She finally settled for stringing beads randomly and everyone was content again. The initial concept was a little challenging and the boys gave up rather quickly, but Mathilda got the hang of it and finished her alligator. The rest will be finished tomorrow sometime I'm told. :)

St. Blaise, pray for us!