Saints in the Summertime--John Vianney

For the second saint in our series of learning about saints in the summertime, Joshua taught about his confirmation saint, St. John Marie Baptist Vianney.  It is challenging to be a teacher and I think that a couple of my children have the same curse of not knowing how to handle things when a situation doesn't evolve and unfold to the initial expectation.  This will be a good learning tool for them (and me).  :)

 John Vianney grew up on a farm, sheparding sheep in France where Catholics had to be secretive about practicing their faith. Vianney's family traveled far sometimes to attend Mass. During all of this secrecy and because priests risked their lives to teach and offer Masses, he looked up to the priests as his heros and desired to become a priest. He struggled very much to learn Latin during his education but his strong desire kept him going.

Joshua made snacks from donut holes and cupcakes to resemble sheep and a priest.  Pretty good--huh?  The kids ate and colored a picture of the saint while Joshua told them of his story. 

 He was known to hear many confessions for hours and hours as many sought his counsel. He was tempted mightily by Satan, and once his bed even started on fire. John Vianney died of old age, but is remembered widely in France for helping restore the Church after the French Revolution. He is the patron saint of priests. June 2009-June 2010 was declared the year of priests by Pope Benedict XVI under St. John Vianney's patronage.

St. John Vianney, pray for us.