So in my effort to blog today, I must not neglect the following:

Joe is in Scottsbluff with Cowboy grandma and grandpa. He traveled back with Cash last Wednesday with some family friends who were in Lincoln and headed back there. He was his quiet self until they stopped in NOrth Platte to eat at which point he had some corn dogs and a Pepsi...he then proceeded to talk all the way to Scottsbluff and has not yet stopped.

He of course has been well behaved because that's what our children do...they are angels while away from our home. Someday, we too will get to witness this magnitude of consistant angelic behavior--when we are grandparents! His high point I'm sure will be feeding the cows. As I understand, he is ready to go out and do so at any point of the day and is unsure why Grandpa isn't ready and willing to go out again 10 minutes after finishing in the morning. He makes sure that he is dressed the part in his cowboy boots and shirt...tucked in mind you, because that's what cowboys do! He also got to go to the coffee shop with great grandma and grandpa...this is just as much a rite of passage as anything I think. Coffee and a's something each of our children has enjoyed doing and something that naturally happens each time they're there. It is definitely a treat.

I'm always so happy our children have this opportunity to stay with their grandparents. It truly is a special thing to have them one on one for a while. They get a bit of a different child than the one who is among his/her siblings vying for their voice to be heard above everyone elses. We at home feel the absence of even one. It seems silly to think that minus one would make such a difference, but it does. It changes our dynamics completely. It is usually good for us too, because somewhere a new relationship developes, time is spent a little differently and everyone realizes how much they miss that one missing child.

One more thing: Joe helped (or at least was out in the shed) with the manure spreader. "We put poop in here Grandpa?" Look out Grandpa, Joe might just put poop in said! :)