Frugal Fun

It is Jonathan's week and yesterday was his day. This "routine" has been going strong now for a year. We've made several modifications to chore lists, privileges, etc, but we've maintained allowing each child to have a "free" day during their week where they have no chores and they get additional one on one time with mom or dad or both. Last night was Jon's night, so we took advantage of Julia's presence to actually go out with Jonathan. He and I headed to Lincoln to meet Tim from work with absolutely no idea of what we were going to do. I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble (because that's what I always want to do) and Jon wanted to go to Wal-Mart to buy ping pong paddles. We compromised and went to Target to get some paddles and Barnes and Noble to get a treat and catch up on 15 minutes of magazine reading, but in the middle of both, we went to Best Buy to play video games. We spent an hour playing Mario Bros and Rock Band, looking at all the games and accessories and playing with iPod applications. It really was a lot of fun, although if anyone noticed that we were only playing they probably wondered what was going on. We probably better not make that a weekly habit, they'll start charging us to play! With seven kids, we've got to be frugal in our fun. I had a great talk with Jon on the way home too. NOthing earth-shattering, just what he likes in school--math, Sr. Mary Maximillian...his teacher who makes 2nd grade the best one yet, his best friend Levi because they've know each other since they were two, the fact that all the boys in his class (nine of them total with 19 girls) are nice and some of the girls are too, and that he is excited for first pennance and first communion this year. Oh, and of course, that he is totally infatuated with Brook Berringer, although I pretty much already knew that one since he reminds all of us daily.