Cold January Saturday

January 30th: temperature 13 degrees, feels like 5. That was the forecast for 9 am. This was relevant to us because we left the house at 9 am headed to Lincoln for the annual Nebraska Walk for Life. We debated whether or not we would all go and then decided that we could all go and then decide if we would all walk. As we prepared to leave, we insisted that all the kids wear their snow pants, coats, hats, gloves...cold weather clothing. They completely resisted, convinced that they would look silly, no one else would be wearing such things, everyone would laugh at them...but when we left the house, they were all well bundled. Little Amelia had layers on too and when I was done bundling her, all you could see of her was her little eyes. We waited about an hour before we actually started walking, listening to political pro-life advocates for Nebraska, so it got pretty cold standing out there, so the kids were glad at that point to be dressed for the cold weather (not to mention that everyone of their friends was dressed the same way--although we learned that they too strongly resisted). The walk was short and lasted only about 20 minutes or so, but such a great testiment to the importance and sanctity of life. We were few among the thousands of people who came out in the bitter cold to defend the unborn.

We came home, made lunch, ate, took naps and then Tim and I went to St. Teresa's trivia night. What a fun event. Thirty three tables of eight adults each, eight questions, four time. Our team placed 10th, so we didn't do too badly. There were some really hard questions, but also some really fun "inter-round" activities to challenge our trivial knowlege. Some tables had themes and were dressed up...Gilligan's island was right next to us, and there were space invaders a few tables away for just a few. We decided they needed to have more kids to utilize some of that creative brain space. We were the mamas and the papas...the Brox's, the Herrera's and the Harper's and us. A room packed full of faith-filled adults--with crazy hats and costumes, food and drink, and marshmallow shooters...yes, some of the tables were shooting others with marshmallows. It was just another event that reminds us how blessed we are with our St. Teresa's family. It is very much a family community. It was very enjoyable, and next year we're determined to be in the top 5, so we're going to start studying those 6th grade text books now!