God is good

I think about recording the happenings of our home on a daily basis and typically it is always 11:30 pm before I have a chance to come up for air. Such is tonight as well, but as I posted a congratulations remark on the facebook wall of a friend (she is expecting #6) , I discovered her blog in addition to many others authored by friends of mine and I was inspired...or challenged! :) I aspire to blog daily even it is small, so maybe knowing that other busy moms do will cause me to steal a moment to "jot" down some quick things worth remembering.

Today for instance, as I sat at the back of church before mass began selling SCRIP, Jonathan commented to me, "mom, you know everyone". Hmmm...I do know many people here and it is so comfortable and comforting. We truly belong. That got me thinking even more and as I watched more families walk through the doors into this building that creates this comfortable community, I saw all of these beautiful expectant moms (with all their little people in tow). These are the moms that probably hear, "Are you crazy?? Don't you know what causes that?" I'm sure one could observe these same things and think, "wow, the Catholic church sure did a number here...the average family size is 7!" Indeed...although the large families are not due to a church rule saying don't use birth control, keep having babies whether you want to or not. Rather, this community provides families with love and positive remarks regarding their choice to have a large family. No one feels ridiculed to enjoy these gifts that God has bestowed upon them. They all know that they are going to hear a genuine "congratulations" rather than a critical "what are you thinking!" It is safe, it is nice to be embraced and embrace those who beam with the excitement and anticipation of meeting their newest arrival...one of 6 or 7 or 8 or more!

We truly love St. Teresa's. This is where we find peace, encouragement, friendship, love and other families who understand the beauty in the chaos. God is good and has blessed us tremendously.