Imagine That

Joe came home yesterday, greeted by a big hug from Benjamin followed by the two of them trying to kill each other in the back of the suburban all the way home from Lincoln! Today they were playing with each other...then fighting, then playing and the sequence didn't vary much from that. They can be so imaginative sometimes. I guess it's true about the cardboard box offering more genuine entertainment than the toy that was inside.
My dad brought us an egg incubator and it is still sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor. It is a big wooden box basically. To the boys it was their race car. They each took the hoods from their winter coats and their gloves and were transformed into racecar drivers.

Julia and Mathilda went out this morning to Lincoln. They were going to go shopping, run some errands, have lunch and drop something off at school. They left both wearing their western shirts...all four had western shirts on today! I had to stop Mathilda in the middle of putting on all of her makeup to prevent her from leaving the house with her bright purple and pink play makeup on. It will feel like a long nine more years for her while she's waiting to wear makeup out of the house. Maybe by that time she won't want to anymore. I'm not sure where she gets this part of her personality...well, actually I do know...she is her aunt Tamera in more ways than just one. Her newest obsession is with her hair. Poor Mattie, she has the most fine and straight hair I've ever seen. She has been practicing putting it into a pony tail and the other day we went to Target to spend some of her Christmas money on hair accessories. She is so proud of them. She has a bathroom drawer designated for her hair things. She has even shown both grandpas! She typically has a pony tail, three to five barrets and a headband. I gave her $5 today to spend IF she found something or to buy her lunch or both. She came home with a headband ( know, the kind that snap in half without effort) for $3.50 and then couldn't bear to bring home the change so against Julia's suggestion put it in one of those machines with 100 toys and a big claw that never picks up anything. Julia looked tired when they got home. :)
By 3:00, Joe was off to Scottsbluff again with grandpa. He was ready to get back and feed the cows again. The plan is that he will actually stay there until Tim goes out on the 9th of February! That is almost 2 weeks. I guess things get easier the more you do them...I hope that doesn't mean we'll be sending Amelia out for Kindergarten!